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Full Body Wellness Bundle For Medium/Large Dogs (with FREE Edibites)

Buy Hip & Joint Releaf Hemp Oil, get a FREE bag of Digestive Releaf Edibites!


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Hip & Joint Releaf 600mg CBD Oil plus Digestive Releaf CBD Edibites for Medium & Large Dogs

  • As dogs age, they are more prone to developing mobility and digestive issues
  • Preventative care is key, even in young, healthy dogs!
  • All dogs can benefit from a combination of Hip & Joint and Digestive Releaf products to ensure long-term, full body wellness
  • Hip & Joint Releaf oil + Digestive Releaf Edibites = more zoomies and fewer upset stomachs
  • What’s the best way to use both together? Every dog is different! Try Hip & Joint oil in the morning and a Digestive Releaf Edibite at night, or mix and match depending on your dog’s needs!
  • Bundle & Save = $31.99 in savings!
  • FREE Edibites included in each bundle

Puppies and adult dogs alike may start to develop gas, digestive issues, and diarrhea. Digestive Releaf can help support normal digestive health in pets when used on a regular basis.

To ensure full body wellness, it’s also important to support your dog’s mobility and movement. Hip & Joint Releaf oil can support your dog’s discomfort and promote mobility and flexibility in dogs of all ages.

We’ve made it easier to give your dog the care they deserve with our Full Body Wellness Bundle with FREE Edibites. Save money on the most effective supplements for your beloved pet so they can have many more happy and healthy years.

  • Medium & Large
  • Dogs


    Eases Gastric Distress

    Help Reduce Discomfort

    Immune System Support

    Improved Gut Health

    Promotes Calmness

    Promotes Healthy Joints

    Supports Mobility

    Training & Performance Support

    Key Ingredients

    Ground Ginger

    Marshmallow Root

    Organic Devil's Claw

    Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

    These product reviews are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Product reviews are written by actual customers and represent their own observations. They are not edited. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other animals.

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