Your Pet's Calming & Wellness Hemp Supplement Routine Starts Here

Formulated by veterinarians, our plant-based products help reduce discomfort, support calm behavior, and promote long-term health. To date, we’ve transformed the lives of more than 5 million pets and their families. Build an impactful and organic supplement routine for your pet.

Find the Right Releaf for Your Pet

Whether you're looking to maintain your pet's health or looking for targeted support, we've got them covered with the highest quality plant-based supplements.
General Wellness

Take a proactive approach to your pet's health through daily supplementation. 

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Help maintain a calm mood during stressful situations. 

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Hip & Joint

Support occassional joint discomfort and mobility issues. 

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Maintain proper digestion and support gut flora for a happier stomach.

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Topical Hemp supports overall skin & coat health and can help moisturize and sooth dry & cracked skin. 

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Unbelievable Results
"My Aussie is hyper vigilant and ran around barking and panting all day. I felt bad for her, she seemed kinda miserable and couldn't just be calm from time to time. Day 7 of her being on stress releaf 600mg oil and she is a different dog! I could honestly cry, almost 3 years trying to find something to help her and to have finally found that something has changed our life. Thank you so much to this company and my vet that recommended it through personal experience." - Erika F.
Pep in my 16-year-old’s step!
"My 16 year old lab mix George who is 55 lbs has been struggling with his back legs. Having George on this oil has definitely increased the pep in his step. He was even walking ahead of me the other day! It took a couple days to kick in but we have definitely noticed. . It’s all about the quality of life for our fur babies and I really believe that Pet Releaf delivers that. I had also purchased the chews and he loves those." - Amy S.
Stress Releaf Chew works really well.
"I have an 80 lbs. male collie who becomes a drooling lap dog when he hears thunder, fireworks etc. I have tried a lot of products and nothing worked until I tried Stress Releaf Chews. Within 15 to 20 minutes from when I give him a chew I can see him calming down. He love the bacon flavor chews!" -Diane I.