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NEW Peppered Bacon Edibites
Available March 22nd

Pet parents can support their pet’s everyday wellness and optimal body function with the Peppered Bacon Edibites. Along with the tasty flavor, black pepper is rich in a plant compound called piperine, which is an antioxidant that can help support a normal inflammatory response in the body, especially during the early developing stages of respiratory issues or seasonal allergies. Other piperine benefits include that it may support and even enhance brain function, as well as support blood sugar levels within normal ranges. As with the other Soft Chew Edibites, pets that enjoy the Peppered Bacon variety will also get the full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD.

Same Great Flavors, New Ingredients

We research and formulate every single ingredient to provide your pup with the safest, high quality products. Not only are these additional ingredient additions safe, but they were researched to be the most effective for supporting your pet’s overall health.

Made in the USA

Pet Releaf Edibites are handmade and baked right here in our Colorado kitchen!


Ginger is a popular herb that is an anti-emetic, which may be helpful for supporting occasional gastric distress. When ginger is consumed, it may help maintain a healthy intestinal tract as well as help normalize gastric function in dogs.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root contains an active component called mucilage that may help support healthy digestion and occasional gastric distress. The mucilage in marshmallow root may also help support the protective layers of the bowel and normal bowel function.


Glucosamine is a natural substance that is innately found in the joints and other parts of the body. When pets start to age, their bodies unfortunately start to produce less glucosamine. Glucosamine is then needed to produce the glycosaminoglycans that may help promote healthy joints and maintain normal healthy cartilage and joint function.


Chondroitin and glucosamine are often combined with one another to have a positive effect on joint health. Chondroitin may also help maintain normal healthy cartilage and joint function. This combination can be beneficial in supporting joint flexibility and mobility.


Noni is a fruit that contains over 160 phytochemicals that provide numerous benefits for pets. One of these major components, xeronine can activate proteins and enzymes called pro-collagenase and protease that may help support the structural integrity of the joints and connective tissues.


Chamomile may help promote relaxation and have a calming effect on your dog’s nerves. When situational anxiety leads to gastrointestinal issues, chamomile is may also help manage normal stress due to occasional gastric distress.


Baobab is a tree that is native to Africa that contains antioxidants and may provide antioxidant support in animals. With natural antioxidants, there have been several studies that suggest that it may also help reduce oxidative stress. Baobab may help support a normal inflammatory response as well.


Blueberries may help support antioxidant function and provide antioxidant protection. Antioxidants may help remove damaging free radicals, which can cause cellular and molecular damage in dogs. Studies have shown that increasing your dog’s antioxidant intake may also help support cognitive function.


Just like blueberries, cranberries may also help support antioxidant function and a healthy immune system response. Plus, cranberries may also help support a normal inflammatory response in your pet’s body.

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