5 Signs Your Senior Dog Could Use CBD

Whether you just adopted a senior companion or your pet is all grown up, using CBD can be the perfect way to keep them young! Pet Releaf products are a great daily CBD hemp oil supplement to add to your pet’s daily regimen, especially as your furry friend starts showing signs of aging.

Every mammal has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that has two receptors, one located in the brain and the other in the immune system. When the ECS is activated, this allows a two-way communication between different body systems. These systems include the digestive system, cardiovascular, and even cognitive and memory functions.

If your pet starts showing signs of aging, you may want to consider adding Pet Releaf products as a daily CBD hemp oil supplement since it can serve as a neuroprotectant and promotes longevity.

1. Mobility Issues

As your pet begins to age, they can experience new aches and discomfort in their joints that they might not have encountered before. Pet Releaf’s CBD hemp oil may help relieve some of this discomfort. For the onset of age-related mobility issues, our Edibites can be given as a daily supplement that can also give your dog a little pep in their step. For more advanced support, administering our CBD hemp oil daily may be your pet’s best option.

2. Weight Loss

If you’re noticing your dog or cat is starting to eat less than normal or is refusing their food, try changing up their diet and adding on our CBD hemp oil to their daily regimen. CBD is known for helping stimulate your pet’s appetite and can even help decrease nausea and vomiting.

3. Restless Sleep

Some pets get more restless and cannot sleep through the night as they grow older. This is not exactly ideal when you hear your cat or dog whining at 3AM. CBD hemp oil has relaxing and calming properties that can help your pet get comfortable enough to sleep the night away. We always recommend splitting our recommended usages between the AM/PM, since every split usage amount is equal to 9 hours of coverage. So if you administer the split usage amount 30 minutes to 1 hour before your pet’s bedtime, then your pet can be covered throughout the night.

4. Skin Allergies

At any age, dogs can experience skin irritations, but it is more common as they start to age. Our Skin & Paw Topical can help with dry skin. A lot of dog parents even start to notice a shinier coat of fur when using our CBD hemp oil in conjunction with our topical. We always recommend administering our CBD hemp oil, capsules, and Edibites to help cover the inside and our Topical to help cover the outside.

5. Memory Loss

If you start to see your pet showing signs of confusion or disorientation around the house, administering CBD hemp oil or Sentesa also might be a good option. Our organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil cannot cure memory loss, but it can help calm their situational anxieties from the disorientation as it can activate the cognitive and memory functions in the brain.