Rescued in Utah: Three Dogs Find Trust in Their New Home

Rescue Tales is a content series that celebrates the inspiring rescue stories of pets within the Pet Releaf community. Each story reveals their journey to finding a forever home, highlighting the impact of second chances, fresh starts, and the care they receive to help them live their best lives.

About My Rescues:

Instagram: @miss.harper.larper 

TikTok: @miss.harper.larper 

Pet names: 

Lola, Harper, & Emma 


Lola - German Shorthaired Pointer & Border Collie mix 

Harper - AKC Wirehaired Pointing Griffon 

Emma - Border Collie, Aussie, Red Heeler mix 


Lola - 10 years old 

Harper - 3 years old 

Emma - 9 years old 

What is your rescue pet's background or story? Do you know anything about their life before they came into your care?

Lola: I rescued Lola from the Utah Humane Society when she was only 5 weeks old. She was there with a sibling, which led me to believe something happened to their mom. I rescued Lola after celebrating my first year in addiction recovery. She has been my best friend and shadow for the past 10 years. 

Harper: Harper was not a typical 'rescued' pup. David's boss adopted her from Idaho but was unable to keep her. We were blessed with the opportunity to raise her and bring her into our family when she was only 8 weeks old. 

Emma: My husband rescued Emma from the Utah Humane Society when she was about a year to a year and a half old. She didn't have much information about where she came from or her situation, but David and she developed a bond the second he met her. 

How did you find your rescue pet? Did you adopt your pet from a shelter, rescue organization, or through a different avenue? 

Lola: The Utah Humane Society.

Harper: Adopted from David's boss, who couldn't keep her.  

Emma: Also adopted from the Utah Humane Society. David waited all day at the Humane Society to adopt her after another couple expressed interest but didn't follow through. 

Did you face any challenges during the adoption process or after bringing your pet home? Has your rescue pet's past experiences influenced their behavior or interactions with you?

Lola: She has experienced high levels of stress since she was a puppy. 

Harper: Experiences bouts of stress as well.

Emma: She is not a fan of loud noises like gunshots or fireworks (and the garbage truck). 

Did your pet have any special needs or requirements when you first brought them home?

Lola: No specific special needs or requirements. 

Harper: No specific special needs or requirements. 

Emma: No specific special needs or requirements. 

Does your pet have any ongoing health issues now?

Lola: Has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

Harper: No current health issues. 

Emma: No current health issues. 

What products or supplements do you use to support your rescue pet?

We are so grateful that we found Pet Releaf at the checkout in Petco years and years ago! We started out with the oils with the droppers and the chews, then we moved on to the capsules. We have had a consistent subscription since we found your brand. 

Lola: She takes the Daily Releaf capsules in the evening with her dinner, which helps to keep her calm the rest of the evening. 

Harper: She has had great results with using Daily Releaf when we need to. 

Emma: She takes the Daily Releaf capsules when we can anticipate loud noises will be happening.