How and When to Include CBD in Your Pet's Halloween Routine

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to consider how to make this spooky holiday enjoyable for your furry friends too. While the excitement of October 31st can be thrilling for humans, it can sometimes be stressful for pets due to the increased activity and unfamiliar sights and sounds. To ensure your pet has a relaxed and enjoyable Halloween, consider incorporating CBD into their routine ahead of the big night.

CBD for Halloween Stress in Pets

Many pets experience stress during Halloween due to the constant doorbell ringing, strangers in costumes, and loud noises. CBD can be a valuable tool to help your pet stay calm and collected during this exciting yet unsettling time.

Administering Pet CBD Before Halloween: 2-Week Plan

Start administering CBD the two weeks leading up to Halloween, if you aren’t already.

Week 1:

  • Start by giving your pet a small amount of Pet Releaf CBD, such as 0.25 mg per 10 pounds of body weight, split between AM and PM.
  • Observe your pet for any changes in behavior, especially when you work on desensitization to doorbells, screams, and other loud noises. Do they seem calmer?
  • Continue giving your pet a small amount of CBD daily, gradually increasing the amount over several days until you’re up to .5-1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

Week 2:

  • Increase the Pet Releaf CBD amount to 1 mg per pound of body weight, split between AM and PM.
  • Observe your pet for any changes in behavior, especially when you work on desensitization to doorbells, screams, and other loud noises. Remember, they should be calmer without being lethargic.
  • Continue giving your pet CBD daily, gradually increasing the dosage up to 2mg of CBD per body weight over several days if necessary.
  • The morning of October 31st, give your pet an extra amount of CBD, and give it again about 30 minutes before Trick-or-Treat starts or your party starts.

How Else Can CBD Help Pets During Halloween?

  1. Stress Reduction:
    • Loud Noises: Fireworks, doorbells, and Halloween decorations that make noise can trigger stress in pets. CBD may help alleviate stress by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.
    • Strangers in Costumes: For some pets, seeing people in costumes can be unsettling. CBD may help put pets more at ease, making it easier for them to tolerate the sight of masked and dressed-up strangers.
  2. Promoting Calmness:
    • Doorbell Ringing: Frequent doorbell ringing can be agitating for pets. CBD may promote a sense of calm and relaxation, helping your pet stay composed as guests come and go.
  3. Discomfort Management:
    • Costumes: Some pets may be dressed up in costumes for Halloween, which can cause discomfort or irritation. CBD might help soothe skin irritations or discomfort caused by costumes. Remember: if your pet seems stressed or uncomfortable in a costume, don’t force it!
  4. Relaxation During Bedtime
    • Late-Night Disturbances: Halloween festivities can extend late into the night. CBD may help your pet relax when it’s time to sleep, even if there are loud noises or disturbances outside.
  5. Overall Wellness:
    • Digestive Health: CBD may support digestive health and help reduce upset stomach if your pet consumes something they shouldn’t.

Incorporating CBD into your pet’s Halloween routine can help them enjoy this holiday without the stress and scariness often associated with it. By starting early and choosing the right CBD products and amounts, you can create a paw-sitive experience for your furry friend. Remember to prioritize your pet’s well-being and safety above all else, and you’ll have a Halloween that’s enjoyable for both you and your beloved companion.