Founder's Letter February 2024

Each month one of our co-founders, Chelsea Gennings, writes a personal note to community members. We hope you enjoy this closer look into our journey and the values that drive us at Pet Releaf. The best way to read our monthly Founder’s Letter is by subscribing to our email list.


You might not know me, but I’m hoping to change that in 2024. So hello 👋 I’m Chelsea Gennings, one of the founders of Pet Releaf! I’m hoping to reach out each month to give you personal updates directly from me about what’s going on here at Pet Releaf, what we’re working on, things we’re looking forward to, feedback I’d love to receive and of course, cute pictures of pets.

So welcome to my very first founder’s letter (a long one, but so much to catch you up on). Thoughts directly from my desk below ⬇️

Let’s start from the beginning:
A note from one of our founders-original edibite

We’ve been in business for over 10 years (honestly can’t believe it). Alina and I used to bake the Edibites in a kitchen we rented by the hour in Denver, now I’m proud to say that they are still hand made in small batches, but on a larger scale to keep up with demand in Boulder, Colorado.

customer testimonial-walker

Our marketing department shares a handful of the reviews we receive each week with the rest of the team. Here’s one of my favorites from last week. Seriously, we read each one. They constantly remind me of why we started this thing in the first place.

How I Use Pet Releaf On My Own Pets:

A note from one of our founders A note from one of our founders - pepper

In the last couple years of her life, we used the Hip & Joint 300 mg Hemp Oil. Even though she was only 10 lbs, she still needed joint support in her older years. I think often times small breed pet parents don’t perceive their pup will have mobility issues. This product helped Pepper keep the pep in her step until the very end.

Next month, I’ll tell you all about my cats — Lebron and Ivy.

Have specific questions for me or topics you’d love for me to cover? You can email and let me know. I’ll make sure they make their way into future founder’s letters.

Wishing you and your pets health & wellness,