Can You Give Puppies CBD?

If you just brought home a puppy, you may be wondering what supplements you can start your pet on. While it’s important to get your vet’s opinion every step of the way before adding anything new to your puppy’s daily regimen, once they approve, we have some ways to start. using CBD for puppies.

CBD For Puppies Uses

Many pet parents administer CBD to their pets during stressful situations to promote calmness, to help support joint mobility, a healthy digestive tract, and everyday wellness.

As many puppies are usually generally healthy, it’s important to maintain their health by administering for daily maintenance. At Pet Releaf, our number one goal is to keep healthy pups healthy, which is why CBD doesn’t have to be only for dogs who are old or may be experiencing signs of aging. CBD can be a great addition for dogs throughout every stage of the lifecycle.

Can I Give CBD to Puppies? (if so, what age?)

While it’s not advised to administer CBD to a puppy who was just born yesterday, you can certainly administer CBD when they’re at least 4 months old. Again, it’s extremely important to consult with your veterinarian and let them know that you’ll be adding CBD to your dog’s daily regimen. This way, your vet will have a full health profile of your puppy for future visits.

We recommend supplementing our CBD-infused Edibites for puppies. In fact, our Daily Releaf Chews For Dogs may be their best option. Our Daily Releaf Edibites were formulated for generally healthy pups in mind as they can help give continuous support to your pet’s immune system and support optimal body function.

Two young puppies chewing on a dog toy

CBD to Help With Chewing

Just like human babies, puppies love to teethe on just about anything they can get their paws on until their teeth are fully grown in. Puppy teeth begin to fall out to make room for their 42 adult teeth by 3-to-4 months old. It’s not until they are 6-months when their adult teeth start growing in. This can be quite the struggle and it is advised to keep a close eye on your puppy to make sure they don’t chew on anything of importance. Having lots of dog chew toys around is key to helping your puppy’s teething stage goes somewhat seamlessly.

Teething can unfortunately cause pain and inflammation for your pup. Fortunately, CBD may support a normal inflammatory response and occasional discomfort. To help your puppy relax from this experience, try administering CBD for dogs for a less stressful experience. Does your puppy love their Kong toy? We’ve got 4 CBD Kong recipes that may help your pup feel calmer during the stressful teething experience and keep them busy.

CBD to help with training

Training your puppy can be rewarding for both you and your pup! It’s great for stimulating their brain and a great way for them to learn to listen to you. With a puppy’s high-energy, sometimes it can be difficult to calm your hyperactive dog enough to pay attention to their training session. As CBD can help your pup cope with external stressors, administering CBD about an hour before a training session can be helpful during the training process.

It’s also important to eliminate any distractions as puppies can get distracted easily. Go to a quiet space in the house or alone in your backyard to ensure your dog is comfortable and can focus.

Remember, shorter training sessions are better than nothing and far superior to sessions that are too long! Puppies only have so much of an attention span, so a couple five-minute sessions throughout the day can make for a less stressful puppy training.

a young puppy resting on a dog bed

CBD to help with sleeping

Does your puppy have trouble sleeping through the night? CBD can promote calmness and relaxation, which may be your solution to helping your dog sleep through the night. As many humans use chamomile tea or essential oils to help them relax at night, you may want to consider trying our Calming Chews For Dogs as they incorporate chamomile along with baobab to further promote calming effects for your puppy. Try administering our Edibites about an hour before you plan on heading to bed, so by the time you put them in their crate for the night, they’re nice and tuckered out from the day.

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