How to Administer Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil to Cats

Certified USDA Organic Feline Stress Releaf — the Perfect Match for Your Cat

Check out 16-year-old Booba as he takes his CBD straight from the dropper! When administering our products, it’s most important to split the recommended usage between the AM/PM and to administer it outside of mealtimes for optimal results.

Feline Stress Releaf

Feline Stress Releaf is not only effective but also safe, offering a natural way to support your cat’s emotional balance and health. Organic Catnip and Ashwagandha are combined with our key ingredient—Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract—to promote a calming effect and help manage discomfort in various situations. Whether your cat is spooked by loud noises or becomes uneasy around houseguests, this specially formulated blend is designed to support stress management and enhance overall well-being.

Hip & Joint Releaf

If your feline friend is facing mobility challenges, our Hip & Joint Releaf is fortified with Organic Devil’s Claw and Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to promote healthy joints and flexibility. This formula works not only to help relieve occasional joint stiffness but also to maintain the health of cartilage and connective tissues, essential for cats’ daily activities, allowing them to thrive and sustain their agility and vitality.

Ultra Releaf

If your cat is hesitant to take it directly from the dropper, don’t worry. Try our Ultra Releaf Oils, which can be mixed directly into your cat’s food or treats while maintaining its efficacy.

Check out our commonly asked questions for additional information on how to make the most out of our products for your pets.