4 Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Dog's Summer Adventures

Summer is the perfect time to embark on outdoor adventures with pet. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, or traveling, these activities provide excellent opportunities for bonding and exploration. However, just like humans, pets can experience stress and joint discomfort during these adventures. That’s where CBD comes into play.


Hiking with your pet can be an enjoyable adventure when the weather is nice, but just like you can get sore after a strenuous workout, so can you dog. Hiking often involves long walks and challenging terrain, which can put stress on your pet’s joints and muscles. CBD can help ease any discomfort, allowing your pet to explore the great outdoors with ease and enthusiasm.


Swimming is an excellent way to beat the summer heat and keep your pet active. However, swimming can sometimes lead to sore muscles or joint discomfort, especially for older pets or those with existing conditions. CBD can help your pet to enjoy their time in the water to the fullest by helping reduce joint discomfort.

small white dog playing fetch in the backyard


Summer often means embarking on exciting travel adventures with your pet. However, travel can be stressful for pets, particularly during long journeys or trips involving unfamiliar surroundings. CBD can help your pet cope with travel-related stress and discomfort, making the journey more comfortable for them.

Fetch & Backyard Games

CBD can also be beneficial for easing joint discomfort during fetch sessions with your pet. The repetitive motion of running and jumping while playing fetch can put strain on your pet’s joints, especially as they age. CBD may allow your dog to engage in the game with greater mobility and comfort.

Pet Releaf CBD For the Summer

Pet Releaf CBD can be administered in various forms, including convenient Edibite chews, oils, or capsules, making it convenient for travel. The calming effects of CBD can help your pet relax during flights, car rides, or even visits to the veterinarian. By reducing stress and promoting a sense of calmness, CBD can make traveling a more pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Summer adventures with your pet should be filled with joy, exploration, and memorable moments. CBD can play a significant role in enhancing these experiences by reducing stress and discomfort. Whether you’re hiking through scenic trails, enjoying a refreshing swim, or embarking on exciting travel adventures, CBD can promote a calm state of mind and alleviate any physical discomfort your furry friend may experience.