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Which Pet Releaf Products To Use On Multiple Pets

Nov 28, 2018

If you have multiple dogs or cats, Pet Releaf has cost-effective options for your family!

While all of our CBD hemp oils are great options for your dogs and cats, these just might be the most cost-effective options if you have more than one furry companion!

Hemp Oil 1700

Our Hemp Oil 1700 is our highest potency oil and is intended specifically for dogs. The higher the potency the oil the less oil you have to give daily. For this reason, our Hemp Oil 1700 is the most cost-effective option of all of our standard Pet Releaf hemp oils if it’s being used on multiple pets. For example, for a single 25lb dog we would recommend our Hemp Oil 330, for one pup following this recommended usage, this product will last you 20 days. If you have two 25lb dogs, this product will last you 10. However, our Hemp Oil 1700 will last two dogs of this weight closer to 60 days!

With the Hemp Oil 1700, the recommended usage amounts for dogs start at 26lbs and up. If your dog is under that weight criteria, just divide the amount in half. For example, if your dog weighs 15lbs, it’ll then be .25 full droppers per day split between the AM/PM and administered on an empty stomach for max absorption. There are no known or documented overdoses of pets consuming a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, like Pet Releaf’s, so you can safely adjust the amount being given to your pets based on the results you’re seeing.

Liposome Hemp Oils

Our Pet Releaf Professional Liposome technology makes it possible to administer your pet’s daily usage directly on their food! This new formula is 3x more bioavailable than our standard Pet Releaf Hemp Oils when administered on food, giving pet parents 3x more usage out of a single bottle, making our Liposomes the most cost-effective Pet Releaf product for families with multiple pets!

For families who have both cats and dogs, we recommend our Liposome Hemp Oil 330. For families with multiple medium to large breed dogs, we recommend our Liposome Hemp Oil 1000.

Just like our standard line of Pet Releaf Hemp Oils, our recommended usage amounts for our Liposomes are just that, recommendations! Feel free to increase or decrease the daily amount given based on the results you’re seeing. Our Pet Releaf Professional Liposomes are a retailer-exclusive product, fill out this short form to find your nearest independently-owned pet store!

Large Breed Edibites

For families with multiple dogs in generally great health, our Large Breed Edibites are the most cost-effective option for daily supplementation! Our Large Breed Edibites are not any bigger in size than our Regular Edibites, they do however contain more full spectrum hemp extract and active CBD per Edibite. Each Large Breed Edibite contains 60mg of full spectrum hemp extract with 3.0mg being active CBD. This means that your dog won’t have to take as much as they originally would with the Regular Edibites. There are no known overdoses on CBD, so you can still administer to your group of smaller pups without worry of them overdosing!

Not sure how much CBD hemp oil you should be giving your pet? We have a recommended usage guide with amounts based on your cat or dogs’ weight!

Need a product recommendation? Try our usage calculator