Great Pet Mom Ideas for a Special Mother’s Day

Apr 27, 2021

Wondering how to spend the best Mother’s Day ever with your treasured fur baby? Here you’ll find tips and tricks for pet care and pampering, plus some ideas for pet moms on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to celebrate moms of all kinds.

Every mother out there deserves to be appreciated, and that means pet moms too.

If you’re a proud dog or cat mom, you know what the most important thing in the world is: your best pet companion.

Pet parents aren’t rare in the U.S.. In fact, the numbers are far into the millions. According to the American Pet Products Association, in a 2018 survey, there are 94.2 million household cat owners in the U.S., and 89.7 families with dogs.

Both dog care and cat care can be hard work, but it can definitely be worth it. Why not honor that?

Mother’s Day Is Important for Pet Moms, Too

There isn’t a single mother out there who doesn’t deserve the utmost respect and that includes pet moms too! There is a lot of effort and hard work that goes into being a pet parent. From regular veterinary visits, providing nutritious treats, and constant walks—being a pet mom isn’t the easiest job!” But it’s all worth it when you see those beaming eyes peering out from a tiny, fluffy face. You both deserve to have an incredible, all-inclusive Mother’s Day.

Ways to Show Your Pet Care on Mother’s Day

Are you struggling to come up with ways to make this Mother’s Day with your pet special for you both? Here’s a few ideas you can use to level up the holiday.

1. Make Homemade Treats

A healthy diet is vital to your pet’s health. There’s no reason you can’t make it delicious, however.

It’s simple to make treats for your pet while at home. For a personalized dog care day, try making our delicious frozen yogurt CBD treats – your pup will be over the moon.

2. Go for a Long Walk and Make Time to Play

Exercise and playtime are crucial for pets. One of the best ways to keep an anxious dog happy is regular exercise.

It gives you a chance to connect with your pet. Plus, daily walks for dogs give them time to socialize with others.

Give your pet a chance to have fun. Grab their favorite toy, go for an extra-long walk, or maybe even go to the park. Either way, you’ll be sure to see their face light up in excitement.

How to Make the Day Special for Mom

When you’re pampering your pet, you can’t forget yourself. Here are some great ways to create a Mother’s Day you’ll remember forever.

1. Take a Picture You’ll Treasure

Do you take an annual family portrait? Surely, your beloved pet deserves to be commemorated as well.

Go ahead and put on a photo shoot. Set up a beautiful background, put on your favorite outfit and their fanciest collar, and take a picture you’ll love to keep around.

2. Help a Pet in Need

Your pet has given so much to you, and it can feel amazing to give back! Show another dog or cat that you care by donating to your local rescue! At Pet Releaf, we launched our Rescue Releaf initiative where you can nominate rescues that are near and dear to your heart to receive a CBD donation. Nominate your favorite rescue for a donation today!

To make the holiday unique and memorable, try doing some research into pet charities and find one that moves you. It’s always a good feeling to give back.

Celebrating Mother’s Day Together

What could be better than spending some one-on-one time with your pet for the day? Here are some ideas to get you started planning a perfect day for the two of you.

1. Dress Up

It’s time to get fashionable. Go to your local pet store, or go wild online. Either way, now’s a great time to pick out that pretty new collar or leash. If you’re taking pictures as well, get your accessories before the big day to make sure you both look your absolute best.

2. Pet Picnic or Brunch

It’s time to go out. While this is more suitable for dogs, if you’ve trained your cat to wear a leash, a pet picnic could be ideal – like a Sunday brunch with friends, but with your favorite pet instead.

Prepare some delicious, healthy food for you both. Here are a few healthy snacks that you can share with your pets. If that’s not up your alley, try going out to a pet-friendly restaurant. They may even offer your pup a treat.

Have a Happy Pet Mom Day

Mother’s Day always has been, and always will be, an exceptional day. With a bit of ingenuity, it’s not so hard to plan a holiday that will be exciting for you both.

Go forth, and make it the best day ever.

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