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The Dog Lover Bundle

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Did you ever think you could share a product with your dog? Our Dog Lover bundle includes our Hemp Oil 700, which is the perfect medium potency for your small to medium-sized pup. Plus, our Hemp Oil Capsules are a human-favorite!

This bundle includes:

Why Humans Love Our CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

At Pet Releaf, we believe our pets deserve access to products of the highest possible quality, which is why all Pet Releaf products are human-grade! Our capsules have been a pet parent favorite since they were first launched, which is why we’ve included them in each of our bundles. Snag a pack of products that can benefit the entire family, not just your pet! Looking for more information on how CBD works for both humans and our pets? Learn more here.

Haven’t Tried Our Boom Bars?

Our Boom Bars are the ultimate “granola” bar that you can share with your pet companion. Pet Releaf Boom Bars are packed full of nutrient-dense ingredients that were hand-selected because of their natural health benefits. They include no CBD, but instead, utilize hemp protein powder created from our very own USDA organic hemp seeds. Each Boom Bar is baked in Pet Releaf’s certified commercial kitchen and contains three servings. Flavors available:

  • Longevity: Includes key ingredients like noni, a fruit that is phenomenal for skin and coat/hair health and moringa powder, a seed that strengthens joints, muscles, bones, and teeth.
  • Energize: Includes key ingredients like ginseng, a natural energy booster, and stress reliever.
  • Recovery: Includes key ingredients like goji berries which naturally reduce inflammation and baobab, a fruit containing 10x more Vitamin C than an orange.

Hemp Oil 700

Dog Weight              Hemp Oil 700 Usage                Bottle Usage
1-25lbs                           0.75 full dropper/day                       40 days
26-50lbs                          1.5 full dropper/day                        20 days
51-75lbs                           2 full droppers/day                         15 days
76-100lb                        2.75 full droppers/day                      11 days

Split the recommended usage between the AM/PM and administer on an empty stomach.

Hemp Oil Capsules

Dog Weight                   Capsule Usage                      Bottle Usage
40-75lbs                             1 Capsule per day                        30 days
75-125lbs                           2 Capsules per day                       15 days
125-175lbs                         3 Capsules per day                       10 days

Daily recommended usage should be administered outside of mealtimes. If administering more than one capsule daily, split recommended usage between the AM/PM.

Boom Bars

3 servings per bar

Looking for product-specific ingredients? You can find them through the below links:

Need a product recommendation? Try our usage calculator