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Senior Bundle for Medium/Large Dogs

Bundle & Save 15% on the perfect bundle for your Senior Dog!


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Bundle & Save 15% on the perfect bundle for your Senior Dog!

Sentesa Advanced Care 1800mg Tri-Active Formula Capsules plus Hip & Joint Releaf Peanut Butter Banana CBD Edibites for M/L Dogs

  • Senior dogs (7+) need special care to live long, happy lives
  • Older dogs can deal with issues such as joint discomfort, loss of mobility, urinary incontinence, cognitive decline, and more
  • Sentesa + Hip & Joint Edibites = a happier, healthier senior dog
  • Sentesa is a tri-active supplement designed as advanced care for a dog’s brain, bones, and body
  • Hip & Joint Edibites are a convenient daily option and perfect for on-the-go or to bring on long walks
  • Sentesa provides more advanced senior care and customers report increased happiness, energy, mobility, brain function, and calmness
  • Chews + Sentesa = more zoomies in the backyard and longer walks around the neighborhood



  • Medium & Large
  • Dogs

    What is Sentesa?

    Sentesa, a patent pending formulation, was developed specifically for Pet Releaf by a world renowned Scientist and is a revolutionary TriActive supplement for Dogs. Sentesa’s combination of BetaCaryophyllene, Caprylic Acid, and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract creates a synergistic effect in your pet’s body to support their:

    • Immune system
    • Enhance bone health
    • Support a healthy brain

    Administration is simple. These capsules are easy to hide in peanut butter or pull apart and sprinkle.

    SENTESA Benefits


    Increase in


    Increase in


    Increase in


    Increase in

    TriActive Formula

    Caprylic Acid

    • Medium Chain Triglyceride
    • Derived from the fruit and kernel
      of our sustainably sourced palms
    • Supports normal digestive function
    • Enhances absorption rate


    • Terpene that acts similarly to CBD
    • Derived from the clove tree
    • Supports normal inflammatory response
    • Promotes healthy brain activity

    Full Spectrum Hemp
    Extract (CBD)

    • Full spectrum hemp extract
    • Contains the main cannabinoid, CBD
    • May promote calmness
    • Supports joint flexibility and mobility

    Our Scientific & Veterinary Staff

    Dr. Joseph Rosentel

    M.S., D.V.M., Ph.D.

    Sentesa was developed by Dr. Joseph Rosental, as a one of a kind TriActive formula product for dogs. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Joe has led numerous teams in developing some of the biggest blockbuster products in the animal health world including FRONTLINE® Broadline, NexGard® and Simparica Trio™.

    Sentesa’s unique patented combination of BetaCaryophyllene, Caprylic Acid, and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract creates a synergistic effect in your pet’s body to support their immune system, enhance bone health, and support a healthy brain.

    Dr. Christopher Brooks


    Dr. Brooks has dedicated his life to helping animals on a larger scale. He has held a variety of senior leadership positions at several of the top animal health companies in the world. Chris led teams in veterinary technical training, sales, national accounts, veterinary professional development, and medical affairs at Boehringer Ingelheim, Merial, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and most recently, Canopy Animal Health. Chris holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from North Carolina State University.

    These product reviews are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Product reviews are written by actual customers and represent their own observations. They are not edited. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other animals.

    Our Company

    Since we began in the early 2000's, we have helped more than 4 million pets by providing top of the line products, controlled and tested from Seed to Sale.

    Our products support calmness, a healthy immune system, healthy hip and joints, a healthy digestive system and general health and wellness.

    By providing the highest quality products, we are proud that we have become the most trusted pet CBD product supplier in the industry – and to be truly making a difference in pet’s lives.

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