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CBD Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs

30 Capsules – 15 mg per Capsule

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  • 450 mg
  • Medium & Large
  • Dog


    About Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs (for large breed dogs)

    If you have a pup that suffers from discomfort, CBD Hemp Oil Capsules for dogs may provide the “releaf” your dog needs to live a happy life. Our CBD Hemp Oil Capsules offer a solvent-free delivery system and contain 15mg of active CBD per capsule. There are no known negative side effects for your dog—only the natural health benefits that come from one of nature’s most intricate plants. Speaking of plants, Pet Releaf doesn’t use marijuana plants to create our CBD products. Our CBD Hemp Oil is made using whole hemp plants that are grown in the USA. We oversee the entire manufacturing process to ensure that, from seed to sale, your dog is receiving nothing but the best in natural supplements. These capsules use CBD that is designed specifically with pets in mind, and we use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that is extracted using a solvent-free supercritical CO2 method. It has no known contraindications (won’t interfere with other medications). Give your beloved pup the relief they deserve by purchasing CBD for your dog today.


    Product Potency Composition

    Each capsule contains 85mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, 15mg being Active CBD

    Each Bottle contains 2500mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, 450mg being Active CBD


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    • Ashley

      I started administering these CBD capsules a few months ago to our hyperactive and stressed out pup, Henry with great success! Whenever we have company over, he starts showing signs of nervousness and often can’t settle down. We administer one to two capsules about an hour before company arrives to help Henry stay calm around friends and family. We’ve definitely noticed a huge difference since using the capsules—he’s now a much more relaxed pup who can enjoy company coming over without feeling high levels of stress!

    The perfect amount for your pet

    Dog Weight                      Capsule Usage                          Bottle Usage

    40-75lbs                               1 Capsule per day                             30 days

    75-125lbs                             2 Capsules per day                            15 days

    125-175lbs                           3 Capsules per day                             10 days

    Daily recommended usage should be administered outside of mealtimes. If administering more than one capsule daily, split recommended usage between the AM/PM

    Your pet will love this!

    Active Ingredients per Capsule:

    85 mg Organic Full spectrum hemp extract (including 15 mg of naturally occurring CBD)

    Inactive Ingredients:

    Organic Coconut Oil (MCT), Vegan Capsule

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