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If you can’t find it, we have renamed and reformulated a lot of our awesome CBD products! Check out this handy list to find your old favorite Pet Releaf product under its new name, or discover its suggested alternative. 

Boom Bars

These hemp supplement bars were likely your dog’s favorite. And it’s no wonder why, with protein-rich hemp, and a large dose of heart-healthy omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids baked into each bar. Their great taste and nutrition made the Boom Bar the favorite supplement for on-the-go dogs. 

Edibites CBD

Pet Releaf now offers pup-approved Edibites. Although our Boom Bars were a great source of hemp protein, they did not incorporate any CBD. Our Edibites are CBD-infused, so your dog will receive the benefits of CBD along with functional ingredients in each soft chew. Each Edibites flavor is designed to support your dog in different ways. There are regular CBD chews, Digestive chews, Calming chews, Hip and Joint chews, and Immunity chews. Check out Edibites today and find your dog’s new favorite supplement!



Hemp Oil 330

This hemp oil is now USDA-certified organic! Now the bottle’s label displays the amount of CBD per bottle, not the full spectrum hemp extract number. Containing 100mg of active CBD mixed with a base of natural coconut oil, this is the go-to CBD product for smaller pets. CBD may support your pet feeling calmer and have a better handle on situational stressors, like fireworks or the mail person.

Check out the same great product under a new name, USDA Organic Hemp Oil 100.



Hemp Oil 700

Did your dog love Hemp Oil 700? You probably loved giving it to them, knowing it was made with Pet Releaf’s sustainably grown US hemp. Have no fear, Hemp Oil 700 is back and better than ever! Now the label displays the amount of CBD per bottle, not the full spectrum hemp extract number. Hemp Oil 700 is  USDA Organic Hemp Oil 200 for dogs. 



Hemp Oil 1700

Hemp oil 1700 was designed for our larger, furry friends. Your dog likely loved how this hemp oil may have helped with any occasional discomfort they felt after a long day of playing. This bottle’s label now displays the amount of CBD per bottle, not the full spectrum hemp extract number. Find all the benefits again from USDA Organic Hemp Oil 500, the same great product, just under a different name. 



Liposome Hemp Oil 1000

Get all the benefits from CBD along with a hearty amount of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Now, this bottle’s label displays the amount of CBD per bottle, not the full spectrum hemp extract number. This bottle contains 300mg of active CBD mixed in a base of wild-caught fish oil. The omega-3’s found in fish oil are nourishing and may support a normal inflammatory response. Check out your old favorite product under a new name, CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 for dogs. 



Liposome Hemp Oil 330

You likely loved how easy it was to administer Liposome Hemp Oil 330 to your pet. With the added benefits of wild-caught fish oil, this CBD oil is made from full spectrum hemp, making it even more healthful for your pet. Now the bottle’s label displays the amount of CBD per bottle, not the full spectrum hemp extract number. Check it out under its new name, CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 100 for dogs and cats.



Canna Care Topical 4oz

Lovingly made by the people at Pet Releaf, Canna Care Topical provides as-needed care for your dog’s sensitive, or irritated skin. Mixing the benefits of CBD with moisturizing ingredients like grapeseed oil and Ucuuba butter, this topical will offer a soothing sensation your dogs will love. Canna Care Topical now comes in 1-ounce containers. 


Blueberry and Cranberry Edibites

If your pup enjoys a sweeter bite, you may be wondering what happened to our Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites. No need to fret, our Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites are still here, just under a different name.  Our Immunity Boost Chews are a great way to naturally support your dog’s immune system. Get your old favorite, Blueberry and Cranberry Edibites, under a new name, Immunity Boost Chews for dogs. 


Peanut Butter and Banana Edibites

Our Peanut Butter & Banana Edibites now include chondroitin, glucosamine, and noni to support your dog’s hip and joint health. These lovingly made Edibites may be able to help ease any occasional discomfort your dog might be experiencing. Now known as Hip and Joint Chews, try these all-natural, CBD soft chews today.



Peanut Butter and Carob Swirl Edibites

Your dog loved the delicious Peanut Butter and Carob Swirl Edibites. These chews were reformulated to include helpful herbs like baobab, which may support a healthy inflammatory response, and chamomile, which may help promote relaxation and calmness. Each chew also contains full-spectrum CBD. Check out the new Calming Chews for dogs. 

Edibites2.0-SPP-SMSweet Potato Pie Edibites
These soft chews are made with sweet potato, organic coconut oil, and organic apple. Each Sweet Potato Pie chew contains full spectrum CBD, which may help promote healthy digestion in your dog. Now called Digestive Health, these chews now contain additional herbs that may support digestion, like ginger root and marshmallow. 

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