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    Postbiotic For Dogs & Cats of All Ages

    As the first of its kind in the pet space, our Postbiotic Proprietary Blend helps to support one of the top reasons pets go to the vet – digestive issues. Unlike prebiotics and probiotics, Postbiotics provide all the benefits without the potential complications. That means: say hello to healthier poops and a happier stomach without the side effects of gas and bloating.

    Benefits for Dogs, Cats, Puppies, & Kittens:

    How to use:

    • 1-20lbs: 1 scoop daily (product includes a scoop).
    • Over 20lbs: 2 scoops per day.
    • Give during mealtimes.
    • Best within 90 days of opening.
    • Scoop included.


    • Proprietary Tyndallized Postbiotic Blend.
    • Other ingredients: Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Plantain Leaf, Sweet Potato Powder, Sunfiber.

    What are Postbiotics?

    • The compounds that help maintain a healthy and optimized gut flora.
    • The goal of your pet's microbiome (the community of microorganisms in the body) is to create Postbiotics. This occurs naturally when the microbiome is functioning at its absolute best.
    • Prebiotics, probiotics, and Postbiotics are all of the necessary ingredients for a healthy digestive system.
    • When the healthy bacteria (probiotics) in the gut digest their food (prebiotics) they release byproducts (Postbiotics - the ultimate goal!)

    What pets should use a Postbiotic?

    • Postbiotics are a great proactive supplement for all pets.
    • Product can be especially beneficial for pets that experience a sensitive stomach.
    • Our Postbiotics are recommended as part of a well-rounded wellness routine and are intended for long-term daily use.
    • They are a better choice than probiotics for puppies, kittens, seniors, and immunocompromised pets because they don’t have the same risk of complications.
    • Introducing Postbiotics may help aid in occasional loose stool and gastric distress.

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