Our Pizza and Sushi flavors can satisfy your pup’s savory palate!

If your pup isn’t a big fan of sweet flavors or they’re always trying to get a hold of your dinner, our Sushi Edibites and Pizza Edibites are a great alternative for a more savory variety. Our Sushi flavor provides a fish-flavor option with our sustainably-sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil, while our Pizza flavor provides a meat-flavor option with our natural pork flavoring. No matter what your pup’s palate is, Pet Releaf offers a diverse selection of Edibite flavors based on your pet’s preference! Whether you’re looking to have a pizza night with your pup or an elegant night on the town with our Sushi Edibites, we’ve got you covered. When you think of pizza and sushi, you may envision a greasy slice of pizza or endless rolls of sushi which may not be quite as healthy—but, we can assure you that every single all-natural ingredient was researched and developed to be the very best for your pup’s health. 

What ingredients make up the savory taste of Sushi and Pizza?

A lot of pet parents wonder how we get our Pizza Edibites to smell and even taste just like pizza. At Pet Releaf, we sourced ingredients that represent the cheese, sauce, and even the pepperoni to get that delicious pizza aroma. We utilize raw powdered goat milk sourced from a small family farm in the USA, where the milk is dehydrated into a powder. We use this raw powdered goat milk to represent the cheese of the pizza. Goat milk is actually known for supporting a healthy digestive system. To represent the sauce, we use an organic beet powder. Beets contain antioxidants and may help support a healthy heart! And let’s not forget about this savory pizza topping—the pepperoni! Our natural pork flavor is ethically and humanely sourced in America, plus a great addition to our Pizza Edibites to bring you that pizza scent.

Our Sushi Edibites are perfect for those fish lovers! Our Sushi Edibites contain an ethically sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil to give your pup that delectable, sushi flavor. It’s high in DHA and omega-3s to supplement in your pup’s daily regimen. We also have an organic spirulina to represent the seaweed. What is spirulina? It’s actually a microscopic algae which is excellent in supporting a healthy immune system as well as helping with your pet’s allergies!

Not only do we believe our Sushi and Pizza Edibites will satisfy your dog’s fishy or meaty flavor preferences, but our Keith Haring Barking Dog Collection Edibites are currently playing a major part in our Rescue Releaf program! As our Soft Chew Edibites include our full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, we wanted to give back to animals who need CBD the most. With this initiative, we are donating to rescue animals all across the country to help them settle into their new and fostered homes as it can be a very stressful time. So far, we’ve donated to over 2,000 rescues and we are so grateful for everyone’s nominations for their favorite rescues. If you have a rescue organization near and dear to your heart, please fill out our Rescue Releaf form so we can get in contact.

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