Why Pet Releaf is the best choice for your pet’s health and happiness

Is CBD safe for my pets?

Is CBD safe for my pets?
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People constantly ask us if CBD is safe for their pets, the answer is yes! 

Pet Releaf CBD hemp oil is a plant based “superfood”. It is derived from hemp grown at the largest certified USDA organic hemp farm in the United States. Our CBD hemp oil is 100% natural, completely safe and non-toxic. It will never get your pets “high” and it is impossible to “overdose” using our products.

Why would my pet need CBD hemp oil?

CBD is the only known natural compound that can turn on a system in mammals bodies called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). When the ECS is turned on, it’s the only time our body is experiencing 2-way communication. So rather than our brain guessing where to send  immune system help our body can actually communicate to the brain where it needs help. Whether you’re dog is in great health or suffering from illness or injury, exposing their body to CBD will allow them to reach optimal levels of health.

The Pet Releaf Difference

At Pet Releaf, we have complete control over our entire manufacturing process to ensure that our products are the absolute safest option for your loving companions. We firmly believe that our pets deserve products equal in quality as the products we take for ourselves. In order to meet our own quality standards, we have gone above and beyond what any other CBD company in the pet industry is doing:

Have questions or concerns about whether or not our products are the right fit for your pup? Ask us them here.