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Why We Bake Our Edibites In Our Own Commercial Kitchen

Dec 27, 2018

Every single Pet Releaf Edibite is handmade and baked in our own Colorado kitchen

At Pet Releaf, our #1 priority is ensuring the absolute safest and highest quality products for your pet. We quickly learned that to uphold our quality standards we would have to maintain control over our entire production process. When it came to creating and baking our Edibites, this meant investing in our own commercial kitchen so that we can always guarantee that only the best products end up in your home.

Our Kitchen

Pet Releaf’s certified commercial kitchen is located right here in Colorado!  When we began crafting our Edibite recipes it became evident that in order for the final product to maintain every cannabinoid found in our organic full spectrum hemp extract, we would also have to develop a proprietary cooking method.  After years of research and development, our final cooking method ensures that absolutely none of our cannabinoids are compromised during the baking process. Having our own commercial kitchen allows us to make certain that this method is carried out correctly every time, batch by batch. Maintaining a certified commercial kitchen also guarantees that our facility meets health codes when it comes to cleanliness, equipment standards, and proper disposal of ingredients. Much of which can be compromised when outsourcing baking to third parties.

Our Bakers

The bakers here at Pet Releaf are trained specifically on how to carefully create each one of our Edibites in small batches! Our team of bakers helps guarantee that each Edibite has the same consistency and quality every time. Unlike most companies, we don’t outsource our baking process to a co-packer or private labeler. Co-packers manufacture hundreds of products every day from a variety of different brands. By having our own in-house team who is specifically focused and trained on handmaking Edibites, we have established a group of experts on our specific baking method which leaves much less room for error.

Ingredient Integrity

At Pet Releaf, we can confidently say that our Edibites are free of dairy, corn, soy, other unnecessary fillers, and 12-syllable ingredients. From the getgo, we decided to source as many of our organic Edibite ingredients from the US wherever possible. If we were to outsource our baking, we would also lose control over where our ingredients live before they are included in our recipes. With co-packing facilities storing thousands of ingredients, we wouldn’t be aware if our products would be mixed with inferior quality ingredients. By keeping all of our ingredients under one roof, we can guarantee that our ethically-sourced whole food and human grade ingredients remain all-natural.

3rd Party Lab Testing

We even post our third-party lab testing directly on our website for all of our Edibites so you know exactly what your dog is consuming. We believe in being as transparent with our customers as possible, which is why we never shy away when our customers ask the real questions. At Pet Releaf, we see the importance of giving our customers the answers they deserve!

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