4th of July unfortunately has the highest rate of pets running away

As unexpected noises sound off in your neighborhoods, it can be extremely frightening for your pets to experience. With the current climate of stay-at-home orders and cancellations of major firework shows for 4th of July, the patriotic holiday could play out a little differently this year. As a lot of pet parents would be thrilled with not as many fireworks this year, that most likely won’t be the case. Whether you live in a major city or out in the countryside, we can predict that there may be a higher volume of at-home fireworks going off this year. At Pet Releaf, we want pet parents to be aware of the safety measures they can take and how they can better prepare pets for fireworks, so their pets won’t go missing this summer.

Why do pets go missing during 4th of July?

Just like humans, pets get caught off guard when they hear loud noises. Although as humans, we normally can figure it out fairly quickly when we start to hear fireworks sound off. When pets can’t figure out where a startling noise is coming from, they are usually incredibly confused and can often react by running off in sheer panic. According to the ASPCA, one-in-five pets that go missing run off after hearing loud noises like fireworks. This is why it’s so important to make sure your pet is safe and sound indoors. If you need to take your dog out at night to relieve themselves, make sure to have them leashed at all times even if it’s in your own fenced-in backyard to prevent them from running away. Also, if you have a cat that likes to spend a majority of their time exploring the outdoors, you should also bring them inside to make sure they don’t run to the next town over.

There just might be more fireworks in 2020

Since a lot of major firework shows have been canceled this year, that doesn’t mean that fireworks will come to a full halt this holiday. It could mean that your neighbors may get a bit more creative with their own personal firework shows! Both national and local news stations have been reporting on the suspected increase. According to WLNS in Lansing, MI, “This year especially with the public displays being canceled, with people being at home with COVID-19, there’s a different sense of urgency in people’s minds… not necessarily that it’s a safe urgency, but they want to get out, they want to spend time with family and friends and we understand that, but safety needs to be at the paramount.” 

While your neighbors start stocking up on noisemakers from the fireworks store, it may be a bit more stressful for your pet since the noises will be a lot closer than before. While we recommend creating a safe space for your pet with background noise to drown out the fireworks, it may even be beneficial to play the relaxing music or TV a bit louder this year. 

How do I know when to administer CBD to my pets?

Fireworks can often be unpredictable, which can be challenging when it comes to administering your pet’s CBD Hemp Oil  to help keep them calm. If you have close relationships with your neighbors, it may be beneficial to ask them exactly when they’ll be setting them off. You could also ask if they can text you with a warning about an hour and a half beforehand. We always recommend administering your pet’s recommended usage at least an hour before a stressful activity. If you’re unsure of when they’ll begin and you want to play it safe, we’d recommend administering in the morning and again in the evening, so they’re covered for most of the day and won’t have any lapsed time in between. As a reminder, there are no known overdoses on CBD, so you can always administer more if your pet needs extra support. 

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Make sure your pet’s microchip and ID tags are up to date

This step is extremely important! If your pet unfortunately runs off and isn’t answering your calls, having your microchip information updated is crucial. If your pet isn’t microchipped, make sure your ID tags are also up to date. This way, if a neighbor or even someone on the other side of town finds your pet in their backyard, they can easily be traced back to you!

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