Pet Releaf only utilizes a Super Critical CO2 Extraction method to ensure absolutely no toxic solvents compromise the quality of our CBD pet products.

At Pet Releaf, we don’t cut any corners. From our hemp being grown at the largest Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in the United States to our Edibites being handmade and baked in small batches in our commercial kitchen, we ensure every part of our manufacturing process is the best it can possibly be so that we can guarantee the absolute safest CBD pet products.

One of the most crucial parts of manufacturing a CBD pet product is the way in which the hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant.

What is Extraction?

In order to get the beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp out of the plant and place it into an oil that your pet consumes, it must be extracted. There are several different extraction methods a manufacturer can use, however, not all extraction methods are equal and some have the potential to be dangerous for your pet’s health.

What methods are other companies using?

Toxic Solvent Extraction

Toxic Solvent extract requires the use of toxic solvents like Butane (lighter fluid), Ethanol, and even Acetone (nail polish remover) to retrieve the cannabinoids out of the hemp plant. In this process, the hemp is placed in a barrel where it is exposed to these toxic solvents that leach the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. These extracted oils can be marketed as full spectrum hemp oils, however, they almost always contain residual traces of these toxic chemicals in the final product.

CBD Isolate

The most common form of extraction is CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate takes Toxic Solvent Extraction to the next level where these chemically extracted oils are then exposed to even more toxic chemicals like pentane and hexane. Pentane and hexane physically leach the CBD molecule out of the plant, destroying all other beneficial cannabinoids necessary to achieve the Entourage Effect. Not only are these products less effective, but they also have the potential to contain residual traces of the chemicals used to create the CBD Isolate. 90% of CBD Isolate is sourced from China.

Signals that the company you’re purchasing from is creating CBD pet products using CBD Isolate are phrases like THC-free, 99% CBD, Pure CBD etc

What method does Pet Releaf use?

Here at Pet Releaf, we utilize a Super Critical CO2 extraction process. This process works by only using pressurized air and extremely low temperatures without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals. The CO2 is compressed at a very, very low temperature until it reaches a supercritical state and becomes a liquid. This liquid is then pumped through our Certified USDA Organic hemp, PR-33, to safely remove all of the fats and oils. After the fats and oils are separated from the plant, the liquid CO2 and extract are sent through a pressure relief valve. When it is sent through the pressure relief valve, it allows the CO2 to return to a gas and separates it from the extract to be recycled. The Super Critical CO2 extraction process’s end result is our Certified USDA Organic full spectrum hemp extract that is found within all Pet Releaf CBD pet products.

This method ensures that we are safely and effectively extracting all of the beneficial cannabinoids from every part of the hemp plant. Since this process does not use any toxic chemicals it does not harm any of the essential enzymes, cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids in the hemp plant.

Why don’t more companies use Super Critical Co2 extraction?

The reason most companies are using these extraction methods is that it is significantly cheaper than extracting a hemp oil using Super Critical CO2 extraction. Most CBD pet products are privately labeled meaning they are buying their hemp extracts from a 3rd party provider and then branding the product themselves. For these 3rd party providers, it is much easier and much more cost effective to produce bulk amounts of hemp extract using Toxic Solvent Extraction and CBD Isolate than to invest in doing Super Critical CO2 extraction.  Although Super Critical CO2 extraction is the more expensive way, at Pet Releaf we believe it’s our duty to put your pet’s safety first, no matter the cost. It’s our promise we will absolutely never use Toxic Solvent Extraction or CBD Isolate in any of our products.