Protect your pup’s skin and paws this winter with CBD! Whether your dog loves the snow or is more of a summer pup, it can often be difficult for your dog’s bodies to adapt to colder weather when wintertime approaches. With the changing weather conditions, your pup’s skin may feel dry and paws may be sensitive from the cold snow or rock salt dispersed on the ground. To help prevent or protect your puppy’s paws and skin this winter, give our Canna Care CBD Topical For Dogs – 1oz a try. If you’re not sure when and how to apply our CBD topical during the winter months, we’ve got tips for you! We’re highlighting three potential ways your dog can utilize our award-winning CBD topical for dogs throughout the colder seasons.

Dry Skin

Dogs can often suffer from itchy, dry skin throughout the winter months as the temperatures begin to drop. Our Canna Care Topical was formulated with your dog’s skin in mind and especially for dogs that may have sensitive skin. If your dog experiences dry, flaky skin throughout the winter, you can apply our topical directly to your pup’s skin every day as needed. Pet Releaf CBD topical for dogs may help maintain the normal moisture content of the skin, which makes it the perfect winter essential for your dog’s first aid kit or supplement cabinet.

Paw Protection

When your neighborhood starts laying out ice melts after a big snowstorm, it can be reassuring for us humans but not as safe for our pets. Sodium chloride also known as rock salt can irritate your dog’s paws when you take them out on their daily walks. Try applying our CBD topical on your dog’s paws before you go out for your walk in the snow for extra paw protection. For your dog’s paw safety around your home’s sidewalks and walkways, we recommend shopping Safe Paw Ice Melt to help keep your pup’s paws healthy while they’re playing outside in the snow. Along with the rock salt irritation, snow and ice has the potential to dry out your dog’s paws and leave them cracked or irritated. We recommend cleaning off your dog’s paws after a long walk in the snow and applying our topical to help support your dog’s possible paw irritations!

Joint Discomfort

Just like us humans, sometimes dogs can experience joint stiffness in the colder months. Although there is little research as to why this is, it’s believed to be caused by the drop in air pressure from the weather turning colder. This is an ideal time to treat your pup to a much-needed massage! To help ease your dog’s joint discomfort from the chillier weather, try massaging our CBD topical for dogs onto their joints as needed throughout the day. We also recommend administering one of our CBD Hemp Oils For Pets internally to help support your dog’s joint health and the topical externally, so you can help your pup’s discomfort from the inside out.

Not sure which Hemp Oil would be best for supporting your dog’s joint discomfort? Give our product finder a try for a custom product recommendation based on your dog’s specific health needs!

The next time you ask yourself, “What can I put on my dog for dry skin?” Try Pet Releaf’s Canna Care CBD Topical for Dogs. If you’re looking for more ways that our CBD Topical can assist with your dog’s skin needs throughout the year, check out our 3 Ways Your Dog Can Use Pet Releaf’s Canna Care Topical blog.

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