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The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Your Dog

Dec 11, 2018

Need a little somethin’ to stuff into your dog’s stocking this year? Pet Releaf Edibites are now in trial-size options!

Okay so, you’ve seen our full-size bags of Edibites… well, now we have trial sizes! Our trial-size bags of Edibites come in our two popular flavors, Blueberry Cranberry and Peanut Butter Banana! Whether you’re purchasing for your own furry friend or a dear friend’s dog, it’s the perfect size to squeeze into that stocking this year.


Not sure if you want to purchase our full-size Edibites without giving them a good trial run with your dog first? Completely understandable! We wanted to give our dog parents the option to try them first before committing to the full-size version! So, toss one of our trial-size bags in your pup’s stocking this year so they can get the full experience!

Holiday Anxiety

It’s time to give the gift of relaxation this holiday season! Our CBD-infused Edibites can help with your pup’s situational anxiety this winter. Our CBD hemp oil has relaxing properties that can help your dog feel more at ease when there’s a lot of company visiting for the holidays. If your dog’s situational anxiety is more severe, we would always recommend one of our CBD hemp oils. But, you can always keep our Edibites on hand for additional supplementation throughout the day to help manage their stress levels.

Overall Health

Not only are our Edibites great for additional supplementation for holiday anxiety this season, but also considered a “superfood smoothie” supplement for your dog. Our Edibites are CBD-infused supplements that are free of fillers, corn, wheat, dairy, soy, and preservatives! At Pet Releaf, we only want the best products for our pets which is why our Edibites are actually beyond human-grade. These ingredients paired with our certified USDA organic CBD hemp oil only will help your dog’s reach optimum levels of health!


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