Pets are some of the most difficult members of the family to buy for during the holiday season. It’s challenging to find products pets will love that also use healthy materials and ingredients. This year, shopping for sustainable pet products is also more important than ever for the sake of the environment.

If you’re at a loss for what to buy your pet this holiday season, don’t worry! Keep reading for information about eight sustainable pet brands and ideas for what to buy for your dog and cat during the holidays in our 2022 sustainable pet products gift guide.

1. Pet Releaf CBD Products

Pet Releaf creates plant-based hemp oils, chews, capsules, and topicals for pets. As the original pet CBD brand, Pet Releaf takes a unique approach to pet health and well-being, using limited ingredients sourced from regenerative farms in the U.S.

Some of the most popular Pet Releaf products are their CBD hemp oils. Pet Releaf offers many different functional CBD oils including Stress Releaf Hemp Oil, which comes in different formulations for dogs, cats, and equine. The Stress Releaf line is perfect for the busy holiday season, when everyone – including pets – can use a little calming.

Another great stocking stuffer for dogs is a travel-size pack of Edibites. This is a great and affordable way to introduce a fellow pet parent to dog CBD chews.

Pet Releaf’s products use organic ingredients and come in eco-friendly packaging, including biodegradable oil boxes.

2. Jiminy’s Dog Food

Jiminy’s is a pet brand that primarily produces insect-based dog food and treats. Jiminy’s prides itself on being an eco-friendly, sustainable dog brand by using insects to create their products and to provide nutritional value for pets while preserving resources like water and meats. The insect-centered diet gives dogs the protein they need to grow and helps to reduce the waste of valuable resources.

One Jiminy’s product to try this season is their wet dog food, made with dogs’ well-being and environmental sustainability in mind. It incorporates alternative insect-based proteins and vitamins to provide high levels of nutrition to your pets.

3. Shameless Pets Holiday Treats

Shameless Pets specializes in fun and tasty treats for your cats and dogs. This brand uses upcycling as a key strategy to promote sustainability. Upcycling reuses ingredients to produce pet treats that appeal to cats and dogs.

While Shameless Pets offers everything from jerky bits to catnip, their most festive product is undeniably their holiday pet treats. Their naughty and nice bundles highlight holiday flavors like peppermint. These holiday treats are made with natural ingredients like potato and sunflower meal and only contain natural flavors.

4. Awoo’s Infinity Leash

If you’re looking for a sustainable pet gift that isn’t edible, the Awoo Infinity Leash may be a good investment. Awoo is a female-led company that focuses on ethical products designed with your pet in mind.

A customer favorite is their infinity leash. This leash was created as a sustainable, one-size-fits-all pet product. It can accommodate different dog sizes and whatever features you’re looking for in a leash, at any time. It is created with recycled materials and is not treated with chemicals, to protect you and your dog. This is a great holiday gift for fellow dog owners who value convenience and their pets’ well-being.

5. Cycle Dog Toys

From collars to dog beds and toys, Cycle Dog uses upcycled materials to create sustainable and durable pet products.

Arguably, the best Cycle Dog products available are their fun and safe dog toys. Cycle Dog produces bright and colorful toys that are durable and affordable to pet owners. These toys are sold in the shapes of sunflowers, apples, clouds, and more, making them the perfect choice for a fun gift to give this holiday season.

6. RidgeRunner Antlers

When it comes to keeping your dog happy and healthy, chews have to factor into the equation. However, all too often, chews are made with unsustainable ingredients and wrapped several times over in plastic packaging!

Luckily, RidgeRunner Antlers offers a more sustainable option. Their selection of deer antlers comes from wild deer that have naturally shed their antlers, so you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in the process of collecting these chews. While you’re there, consider browsing the other types of antlers that they have available! Depending on your dog’s preference, you may find that whole elk antler chews are a good softer option, whereas deer antlers are the best choice for the extreme chewers of the pack. These chews are long-lasting and make a great option for any dog that loves to use their teeth!

7. Eco-Cat Catnip Toys

Eco-Cat Company makes cats a priority by creating products that appeal to your feline companions.

One of the highlights of Eco-Cat is their organic catnip toys. These toys are designed to be durable in order to withstand the playfulness of your cat. Eco-Cat catnip toys include natural and recycled materials and ingredients, to be optimized for your pet and for the environment. Many toys come in fun shapes and colors.

8. Beco Pets Dog Beds

Just like you, dogs need their sleep! Having a comfortable but sustainable dog bed is essential for any dog. Beco Pets understands this and has created a sustainable bed that your dog will love.

Beco dog beds are incredibly soft and are large enough to allow space for your dog to get comfortable. These beds are even big enough for owners to snuggle up, too! Beco dog beds are created with pets in mind and are designed to prevent bacteria and odor. Recycled plastic makes up the stuffing of these sustainable dog beds and they are sewn to limit wear and tear.

Sustainable Pet Brands are Festive

There are a wide variety of sustainable holiday gifts for dogs and cats that can make your pet happy and protect our planet. Whether you’re looking for tasty treats or fun toys to stuff their stocking with, there are many sustainable pet brands that offer quality products.

Pet Releaf takes a plant-based approach to pet health and wellness, offering oils, chews, and grooming products for pets. Give your pets the gift of Pet Releaf to support your pet’s well-being and preserve our planet.