In honor of Giving Tuesday, we want to honor the rescue organizations that we donated to this past October and November! During this tough and unexpected year, we have made it a priority to donate to rescue organizations in need with our Rescue Releaf initiative. With the help of our social media followers, retail partners, and email subscribers, we’ve been able to help 150 rescue organizations and counting. Each month we reach out to pet parents to nominate a rescue that they love and support. We have chosen to donate our CBD-infused Edibites to help rescue animals have a calmer transition into their foster homes, shelters, or forever homes.

So far, we’ve been able to donate over 9,500 bags of Edibites and 6,750 Boom Bars equivalent to $212,980.00 to over 150 rescue organizations! Thank you so much to everyone who has nominated their favorite organization and to the rescues who are working hard to find forever homes for their rescue animals.

From South Carolina to Oregon, we’re highlighting 25 rescue organizations we’ve donated to this past October and November! 

Peace, Love, & Paws

Peace, Love, & Paws based in Myrtle Beach, SC is a 100% foster-based rescue! All of their rescued animals are carefully placed into loving foster homes until they find their forever family. They also work to rescue dogs from high-kill shelters and take in dogs whose owners are sick or may have passed away. Plus, they take in strays when they have open foster homes!

Rescue Garage

Rescue Garage is based out of North Port, FL with rescues that are mostly pulled from high-kill rate shelters in the surrounding communities of southwest Florida. They work closely to evaluate and address any medical conditions in the animals they rescue, spay or neuter, microchip, and also provide training to all of the animals in their care!

Suncoast Basset Rescue

Suncoast Basset Rescue was formed in 1997 and is located in Spring Hill, FL. They are volunteer-based and work diligently to save basset hounds from abandoned and unwanted situations. Their number one mission is to give bassets a second chance to live as they were intended as someone’s best animal friend.

Adopt a Husky Minnesota

Adopt a Husky Minnesota is based in Blaine, MN and is a volunteer-based rescue dedicated to providing the best care to Siberian Huskies in need. They care for their rescues through fostering, rehabilitation, medical care, and extensive breed education to not only help adopters but the general public as well. Adopt a Husky Minnesota strives to provide the proper placement of their huskies into their forever homes.

Longmont Humane Society

Longmont Humane Society originated in Longmont, CO with a mission of caring, serving, and educating to improve the lives of companion animals. They provide temporary shelter to thousands of animals each year, including dogs, cats, and small mammals. Longmont Humane Society provides loving attention, nutritious food, health care, and daily exercise to their rescue animals in need.

Big East Akita Rescue

Big East Akita Rescue is based in Toms River, NJ and serves the northeast U.S. to help unwanted, abused, and neglected Akitas in need. Not only do they save and rehabilitate, but they also work to educate potential owners, providing referrals, lending support to Akita owners, and making evaluations of Akitas in private homes and shelters. 

Kibblez of Love

Kibblez of Love is dedicated to the well-being of family pets. When there are families in financial distress, they provide pet food as well as aid in spay and neuter services for families who may need assistance. When a family’s need is greater than what they can provide, they can also assist with finding the pets new homes. Their vision is to eliminate unnecessary euthanasia and pet homelessness due to financial setbacks and irresponsible pet pregnancies.

The Unforgotten Souls

The Unforgotten Souls was founded in 2016 and works with rescue animals in the Columbus County, NC area. Their mission is to significantly reduce the senseless euthanasia of dogs in a rural, underfunded, and understaffed county shelter. They are dedicated to educating communities on spay and neuter, bringing awareness to animal cruelty, and raising money for medical needs for the animals at the shelter. 


SPARE (Save Pound Animals thru Rescue & Education) is based in Torrance, CA and was formed out of the immense love and caring of volunteers who knew they could do more for rescue animals and decided to take action. In its 30+ years, SPARE’s volunteers have helped and saved thousands of animals in the Los Angeles and South Bay area. Their number one mission statement is “Dedicated to Helping All Animals In Need”. 

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society was founded in 2000 and is based in Las Vegas, NV. Their main goal is to eliminate the senseless, unnecessary killing of cats and dogs in the Las Vegas area shelters. They are working on eliminating this issue by focusing on the critical need for affordable spay and neuter surgeries for companion animals and free-roaming cats. Plus, they provide educational programs and adoption opportunities through their rescue efforts! 

All Aboard Animal Rescue

All Aboard Animal Rescue originated in Fort Collins, CO with a mission to enhance the quality of life for both pets and people through the process of matching adoptable animals with their forever homes. They do not discriminate against animals and do not reject any rescues based on medical expenses, age, size, breed, temperament, lack of space, or too much time spent in the shelter. Their team provides endless care and love until the rescue animals find their forever homes.

Tails Humane Society

Tails Humane Society is based in DeKalb, IL and cares for about 3,000 displaced pets every year. They take animals in from pet parents who can no longer take care of them or from people who find homeless pets in their area. Plus, they also work with animal control organizations and other shelters to rescue at-risk animals from overcrowded shelters.

Unbreakabull Rescue Allies

Unbreakabull Rescue Allies is based in Eugene, OR and have rescue runs on a regular basis to save dogs who are in overcrowded shelters or who are deemed unadoptable. They are 100% foster-based, so all of their dogs are cared for in their loving foster’s home before they are adopted into a new loving family. 

Senior Dog Haven & Hospice

Senior Dog Haven & Hospice is based in Delaware with a mission to rescue and re-home senior dogs from ages 7 and older and to offer hospice care to rescued senior dogs in their program. They are completely volunteer-based and have a goal to be there for senior dogs by comforting them and offering companionship as they start to age.

Old Dog Home

Old Dog Home is based in Conyers, GA and they strive to do everything they can to give senior dogs a chance at love and a family in their older years. Even if a dog is too old or too sick, they can stay at the Old Dog Home until they cross the rainbow bridge. 

Gray Face Acres

Gray Face Acres was established in 2016 and serve the MD, DC, VA, and WV areas through their fosters. They are completely volunteer-based and donation driven. Saving dogs is their mission and giving each dog the loving life they deserve. They have saved over 300 dogs and they strive to save more every day!

Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary

Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary is based in Agua Dulce, CA and rescue primarily large breed senior dogs who have been abandoned. They rescue from high-kill shelters and let them live out their lives in their sanctuary or in one of their foster homes to feel happy, safe, and loved. They choose the large breed seniors since they are the least likely to be adopted from the shelters and strive to find permanent, loving homes for them when appropriate. 

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is located in Scottsdale, AZ and strive to help overlooked senior dogs find their forever homes. They’ve been rescuing and adopting out senior pups since 2012 and have many success stories. They work hard to give senior dogs a second chance at life and believe older dogs make loving, loyal, and wonderful companions.

Vintage Pet Rescue

Vintage Pet Rescue is based in Spring Branch, TX and is a senior animal retirement/hospice home. They are dedicated to rescuing senior pets from shelters and assisting pet parents who can no longer care for their senior pets. Vintage Pet Rescue also is committed to rescuing vintage (used) furniture from the streets to refurbish them and transform them into beds for their senior dogs!

Vintage Paws Sanctuary

Vintage Paws Sanctuary is located in Sarasota, FL and work to rescue senior dogs who have been abandoned, surrendered to shelters, or whose humans have passed away. Their number one goal is to provide a sanctuary for senior pups to live out their lives with dignity and surrounded by the care and love they deserve.

The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang

The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang is based in Melrose, FL dedicated to help senior dogs who have been abandoned or whose owners can no longer care for them due to health issues. They provide vet care, quality food, and a loving environment for their senior pups to live out their best lives. They also educate the community the joys of having a senior dog and senior dog health issues.

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue helps out senior dogs and people on California’s Central Coast. They focus on helping dogs and people from Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties. They search for loving homes for dogs whose parents can no longer care for them. They also provide volunteer and financial assistance so seniors can keep their pets with them as long as possible. 

Lionel’s Legacy

Lionel’s Legacy is based in El Cajon, CA with a goal to save and advocate for one senior furbaby at a time and support anyone who is willing to do the same. They also work with an elementary school to provide an educational program for students who have a passion for animals. The goal is for students to become compassionate and educated animal lovers and share their newfound knowledge with their peers. 

DaisyLu Ranch

DaisyLu Ranch is a senior dog rescue located in Camarillo, CA. They have over two acres of property where senior dogs are free to roam and explore as they wish. DaisyLu Ranch works hard to save senior dogs in need and bring them to their sanctuary where they can be showered with unconditional love and care they deserve. 

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