“We know without a doubt you saved Zoe’s life and for that, we are unbelievably thankful, grateful, and blessed for you!”

Over the years, Pet Releaf has helped more than 4 million pets and their families. Customer Sarah G. shares how CBD has changed her dog Zoe’s life. Want to share your story? Tell us about your Pet Releaf journey here.

Q: What is your dog’s name?

A: Zoe

Q: What type of dog is Zoe?

A: Pomeranian

Q: Tell us a little bit more about Zoe and when you started considering CBD

A: Our sweet Pomeranian Zoe woke up one day and couldn’t walk, her right hind leg was completely limp. She could no longer walk on her own, eat on her own, potty on her own, and she was having incontinent episodes. Our hearts were absolutely broken for her and seeing her depressed not being able to have any independence in doing “doggy things” was even more heartbreaking. Something even as simple as smelling the grass, she sort of just seized to exist and had no life in her. We spent so many late nights in bed just crying together wondering what more we could do for her,

Q: What made you choose Pet Releaf? 

A: We spent so many late nights in bed just crying together wondering what more we could do for her. My husband and I said there has got to be something else for her, she has so much more life to live and we need to advocate for that. We came across PetReleaf and purchased the Hip & Joint Releaf chews and the Stress Releaf chews.

Q: Tell us about how Pet Releaf has impacted your pet’s life and your life. 

A: Within the very next day of giving Pet Releaf, Zoe was motivated and was initiating trying to walk. We are SO happy to say that with a lot of hard work and determination Zoe can now walk again!!!!! She is not at 100% but she can do all of the things she couldn’t do when she was injured and she is a very happy girl hopping around in the grass and enjoying the sunshine!

“Thank you for your mission and for what you are doing to change the lives of animals. These products deserve far higher than just 5 stars. We have already placed a second order recently and we are so happy to be returning customers!”

How Can Pet Releaf Help Your Pet?

Millions of pets and pet parents have experienced the Real-Life Releaf that comes from Pet Releaf CBD products. For owners looking for a safe, plant-based option for their pet’s stress, discomfort, mobility, digestion, skin irritation, or daily wellness, we have products that can help. We offer plant-based health options for pets of all sizes and ages including dogs, cats, and horses. Check out more reviews of Pet Releaf products or reach out to customer service if you’d like a personalized recommendation! Feel free to reach out to us by email at info@petreleaf.com for assistance or call our toll-free number, 1-844-646-1646 to talk with a customer support member.