Cats are quirky creatures, and they need plenty of love and care. If your cat suffers from mild or severe anxiety or is easily frightened by everyday stimuli, you may have asked yourself if CBD oil will help calm your cat. The good news is that pet CBD oil has been found to be beneficial for helping calm cats who suffer from situational stress and overstimulation.

However, before you go out and buy CBD for cats, you’ll want to do your research to be sure that you are fully informed.

What is Cat CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of approximately 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis. It doesn’t have the same properties as cannabis’s main psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is why it makes an excellent choice for those looking to supplement without being “high.” CBD has been shown to be advantageous not just for humans but also for our feline friends.

Is There Any Research on How Well Cats Respond to CBD?

Some studies have shown that CBD is beneficial for cats in a variety of ways. It has been used to help with many issues, including:

  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Stress Relief
  • Supporting a normal inflammatory response
  • Supporting joint flexibility and mobility
  • Enhancing digestive function

While it’s become a popular all-natural option for pet owners, few scientific studies prove that CBD oil is beneficial for cats. However, according to those studies, CBD oil has been seen to provide some relief for anxious felines. This is backed by quite a bit of anecdotal evidence.

While many veterinarians have reportedly stated that they would consider its use for cats, most agree that more research needs to be done regarding CBD and its use with cats and dogs.

Proper Usage of Pet CBD Oil for Cats

Believe it or not, there are many reasons why pet owners may consider administering pet CBD oil to their cats. While some may choose to give CBD oil for various health reasons, one of the most common reasons for administering pet CBD oil to cats is for relieving stress.

Yes, when correctly administered, CBD oil can help calm your cat when faced with a variety of common stressors, including:

  • Stress caused by unexpected visitors
  • Travel
  • Vet visits
  • Adverse weather conditions, such as lightning and thunder
  • Large celebrations and/or fireworks
  • New additions to the home, such as a new pet or child

Pet CBD oil works by activating the cat’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) through the antagonization of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. When you give your cat CBD oil, it activates these receptors and allows the cat’s body to better send calming signals from their brain to their various systems.

How Much CBD Oil Should My Cat Receive?

CBD should be administered according to your pet’s weight. Most packaging offers recommended usage amounts based on your pet’s weight. As always, it’s recommended that you consult with your veterinarian to make them aware of you adding CBD to your cat’s daily regimen.

It’s also essential that you purchase a full-spectrum form of pet CBD rather than one made from just CBD isolate. This ensures that your pet gets the full range of benefits that CBD oil has to offer. You also want to make sure that it’s a product like Pet Releaf’s organic CBD oil, made with your pet’s best interest in mind and extracted using no chemical solvents.

Finally, you want to make sure you administer pet CBD oil to your feline friend about an hour before the stressful situation. That way, the oil has time to start working, and your cat will enter the situation already feeling its calming effects.

Do I Need to Give My Cat Pet CBD Oil Regularly?

This will depend entirely on your cat’s needs. It is recommended that you administer CBD oil daily if seeking benefits such as boosting your cat’s immune system. However, if you’re simply looking for a solution to rare stressors, such as car rides to the vet, then it’s safe to administer CBD oil on an as-needed basis.

Can Cats Get High or Addicted to CBD?

The short answer is no, because CBD has no psychoactive properties, and pet owners can administer CBD oil to their cats without fear of addiction.

CBD oils designed for pets will not have the same effect on your cat that marijuana does because they contain very low THC levels, which is the compound responsible for causing the “high” associated with cannabis products. Legally, CBD products for both humans and pets cannot contain more than 0.03% THC.

What’s the Difference Between Pet CBD and Medical Marijuana for Pets?

First of all, medical marijuana is not legal in all states – whether for humans or pets – whereas pet CBD products are legally available in most U.S. states.

The main difference between medical marijuana for pets and pet CBD products is that the former contains THC, while pet CBD has no psychoactive properties whatsoever. Pet CBD oil for cats is a much better solution for those looking to calm their pets, as the unregulated consumption of the plant or even inhalation of smoke can lead to toxic overdose.

Educate Yourself About the Right Pet CBD Oil for Your Cat

While the jury is still out on the effects of CBD oil for cats, anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help calm your cat when it’s used correctly. If you’re curious as to whether or not pet CBD oil would benefit your feline companion, then it’s best to consult with a trained veterinarian – especially one specializing in organic and natural remedies – before you start administering any CBD drops, chews, or capsules.