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Sep 8, 2020

Surprise your pet with a Mystery Box Bundle!

We’re excited to announce that we just launched our brand new Mystery Box Bundles! From small to large breed pups, our team hand-picked some of our most popular Pet Releaf CBD products based on your dog’s size. If you’ve been looking to try CBD for your pet, but have no idea where to start—our Mystery Box bundles can help make the decision process a lot simpler. With savings all the way up to $75, it’s the perfect way to shop Pet Releaf products on a budget. If you’re not sure how our Mystery Box Bundles work, we’re here to break them down for you to help make your shopping experience easier!

Which box should I choose for my pet?

Our Mystery Boxes include our Small Breed Mystery Box, Medium Breed Mystery Box, and Large Breed Mystery Box. Our Pet Releaf team hand-selected these specific products dependent on the size of your pup and the potency of the CBD product. For example, the Small Breed Mystery Box will include products that aren’t as high of a CBD potency, while the Large Breed Mystery Box will have a higher CBD milligram. Of course, if your small breed dog needs the assistance of a higher CBD product, feel free to check out the Medium Breed Mystery Box or the Large Breed Mystery Box! As there are no known overdoses on CBD, smaller pets can upgrade as needed.

What products are featured in the Mystery Box Bundles?

It’s a mystery! Don’t worry, we’ll give you a little teaser. All of the Mystery Boxes include two of our most popular Edibites flavors. If your pup hasn’t tried our CBD-infused Edibites yet, this is an awesome chance for a puppy taste test! Or if your pup is a fan of all of our Edibites flavors, this will be a fun way to surprise them with their favorite goodies. This is also a wonderful chance to try even more of our product line and bring some variety to your pup’s supplement cabinet!

Why should I get a Mystery Box Bundle for my pet?

Now your pup can do their very own unboxing video! Our Mystery Boxes are a new and exciting way for your pup to try some of our most popular Pet Releaf products. If you have a puppy birthday coming up, this can also be a surprise present if you’re not sure what to get for your fur friend. Each Small Breed Box Bundle has savings up to $50, while our Medium and Large Breed Mystery Box Bundles have up to $75 in savings.

Where can I shop Pet Releaf’s Mystery Box Bundles?

You can shop our Mystery Box Bundles directly on our website!

Small Breed Mystery Box

Medium Breed Mystery Box

Large Breed Mystery Box

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