Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

There are a few reasons why your dog might be eating grass when he or she is outside, some of which are relatively harmless. Your fuzzy friend might be eating grass because his or her diet doesn’t contain enough fiber to make passing stool easy. Additionally, your dog’s diet might be lacking certain vitamins and nutrients that he or she needs in order to stay healthy.

In these situations, switching from your dog’s current food to a more fibrous, nutrient-rich diet might cut down on grass eating. Talk to your veterinarian about the issue you’re experiencing, and ask for professional recommendations.

Sometimes, dogs might eat grass because they crave it. This might sound silly, but a dog’s diet has changed significantly from what it was thousands of years ago. Domestication has altered the food they eat, and when the dog is lacking a digestive aid, he or she might decide that grass is a good option.

Finally, a dog might eat grass simply because he or she likes the flavor and/or texture of it. Dogs do have their own preferences when it comes to taste, and for some dogs, grass is top-notch.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Grass-Eating?

If you’re worried about your dog eating grass, rest assured that it’s probably quite safe. Unless your dog has a health issue or the grass they’re eating has pesticides in it, there’s likely not much of a threat to consider.

However, nobody likes having their pet come home and throw up a chunk of wet grass on the carpet, so it’s understandable that you’d like to put a stop to this behavior.

To eliminate grass eating, there are a couple of things you can do. In addition to changing your dog’s food, as mentioned above, you might want to also keep the animal engaged while he’s out for a walk. Keep him busy so that he doesn’t think about eating grass.

You might also try to keep your dog on a leash or harness when you go out together. This way, you can keep him or her close to you and away from the grass.

“We have noticed that our dogs are not eating grass outside like they were since adding Pet Releaf’s Digestive Releaf to their daily routine.” – Dianna R.

Is There A Supplement Available?

The short answer is yes! There is a supplement you can give your dog to reduce his or her grass eating. Pet Releaf carries a digestive supplement you can give your dog to enhance his or her digestive function.

Sweet potato is good for dogs, and as such, our digestive supplements are sweet potato pie flavored. Marshmallow root for dogs is also beneficial for digestion, as is ginger for dogs, and these two ingredients are key items in our digestive supplements. Additionally, all of our CBD pet supplements include natural, safe ingredients that you can give to your pets with complete confidence.

Give us a try, and we’re sure our digestive supplements will not only aid digestion but give your dog a tasty treat to snack on.