As many of us are in the state of quarantining and working to flatten the curve, Pet Releaf is sending you all virtual hugs as we know this situation can be extremely stressful. We know many of you are not only concerned about your own health and loved ones, but also your pet’s overall well-being too when it comes to food, supplements, and physical health. As you’re cuddling with your fur-friend on your couch and worrying about the potential future, Pet Releaf is here to help ease your mind. 

If your state has issued a stay-at-home order, can I still get Pet Releaf?

Pet Releaf, as a pet supplement manufacturer, has been deemed an essential business by the Colorado government and are operating as normal. We are still manufacturing and fulfilling orders while following CDC guidelines, and our website is fully functioning 24/7 to supply your pet’s CBD needs. Additionally, most pet supply stores have also fallen under the essential business title, which means they are remaining open for business among the COVID-19 crisis as well. Although gathering with others and some outdoor facilities have been closed, you can still take your dog on long walks and play in the grass to get some fresh air. 

Shopping for Your Pet Essentials

For the fastest access to your favorite pet supplements, we recommend taking advantage of Pet Releaf’s new price drop! We recently lowered our CBD Hemp Oils and Hemp Oil Capsule pricing to help make hemp health more approachable to pet parents during this time. 

 Walking with Your Pet

There are currently 30/50 United States that have a shelter-in-place, meaning almost all of us need to stay at home, but what about walking the dog? Walks are still approved and we encourage you to use this time to bond with your dog and get some fresh air. If you and your dog start feeling stir-crazy during the quarantine, we strongly recommend going on daily walks as usual. Although some trailheads and parks have shut down in areas, there is still the option of walking around your neighborhood with your dog. This will not only help you get some exercise with your pup, but it’s also great to clear your mind of the chaos for a little while. 

According to, you should always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after going on a walk with your pup, as well as carrying a pocket-sized hand sanitizer. They also recommend remaining at least 6-feet away from all other walkers and try to walk during non-peak hours or areas that you know do not get overcrowded to avoid contact with other people as much as possible. 

Playing and Training with Your Dog

If you just started working from home, your pet is probably jumping for joy as this means more time with their favorite human. This is a great time to truly bond with your pet and give them the extra playtime and training they need. 

Whether you just adopted a puppy or a senior dog, it’s never too late to start training. This extra home time can also be utilized by teaching your pup some basic commands or more advanced tricks to keep you and your pup’s brains stimulated. Earlier this year we shared our 6 tips to making training easier for you and your pet. All of these, other than seeking an outdoor trainer, are 100% quarantine approved. Even so, we bet there are amazing online trainers out there as well. 

Go Green With Your Pet

Improving your impact on the environment always feels good, especially at a time where we’re seeking positivity and things to do. Follow our Going Green Guide With Your Pup. From making your own toys to better products for your dog, these changes will keep you and your pup occupied and help Mother Earth out as well. 

Feeding Your Pet

Although we have an idea of how long a stay-at-home order will last, this date always has the possibility of changing depending on the state of the virus. Since pet supply stores are deemed essential, you don’t have to worry about being stocked up on pet food as it will be easily accessible. As you have more time at home with your pup, it can be a great time to experiment with different dog food brands that you may have not tried before, like incorporating a raw diet! Looking to start? We recommend checking out SmallBatch Pets, a small family-owned business that only uses hormone and antibiotic-free meats and organic herbs and vegetables in their products! 


Another bonding activity you can share with your pet is providing them a good grooming session at home. If you usually bring your pup to the groomer and are unsure about products you should be using, we’ve got you covered!  Try out some eco-friendly grooming products from Earthbath Natural Pet Care! Their grooming products are made with non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients. They carry everything from shampoos to grooming wipes to keep your pup fresh and clean!

Situational Stress

Oftentimes when we feel stressed, our pets feel it too. Try administering our Pet Releaf CBD daily to help promote calmness when your pet feels starts feeling uneasy. Shop our Peanut Butter & Carob Hemp Oil Edibites (Calming) for a convenient, daily supplement!

We know these times are tough and can be worrisome, but we hope that you can make the best out of it by ensuring your safety at home with your fur friends. We hope spending more much-needed time with your pet can bring you the joy and comfort you need!

Looking for ways to bond with your pet during this time?