When you’re shopping for pet supplements for your fur friend, it can often be a tough decision process when there are multiple brands in your local pet store aisle. From pet food to CBD for pets, it’s imperative that you research the brands that you want to feed or supplement to your dogs or cats. We recommend researching everything from their manufacturing process to their ingredient sourcing to give yourself peace of mind that the product is all-natural for your loved ones. There’s a reason why Pet Releaf is the #1 most trusted CBD pet brand as we control our entire process from seed to sale, from plant to pet with the certifications to prove it.

Oversaturated CBD Market

Oftentimes, shopping for CBD for your pets can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to CBD supplements. While shopping for CBD is already perplexing, many retailers offer a lot of options that may confuse new customers even more. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported that many retailers are starting to cut back on choices of the same product and only highlighting the brands that are performing well with their customers. By retailers cutting back on brands, it may make a customer’s shopping experience a lot easier. With an oversaturated CBD market, there are unfortunately many brands who claim their products are organic without any certifications and many aren’t able to tell you where their hemp is sourced. At Pet Releaf, we believe in being transparent with pet parents so they are aware that our hemp is sourced from high quality, U.S. family farms.

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What do Pet Releaf products have to offer?

At Pet Releaf, we offer CBD for dogs and CBD for cats through various products that may help with their overall wellness. We have our Hemp Oils, Liposome Hemp Oils, Hemp Oil Capsules, Edibites, and Canna Care Topical. Along with our diverse product line, we offer seed to sale traceability, certifications, safe extraction methods, and product testing to ensure your pet’s health and safety, so you can feel comfortable administering our products to your pets. 

Seed to Sale Traceability

From the very beginning, we made the decision to be a part of the manufacturing process every step of the way. From U.S. family farming partners to our extraction facility, we make it a priority to oversee the whole process.

Product Testing

Every month, we send our products out for 3rd party lab testing to ensure the potency and safety of the final product. We upload all of our solvents, contaminants, and potency testings to our product testing page so pet parents have complete visibility. 


At Pet Releaf, we have USDA Organic Certifications on our standard Hemp Oils. This ensures that there was no use of pesticides or herbicides during our organic farming processes. We are also active members on the U.S. Hemp Roundtable and our products are U.S. Hemp Authority Certified (USHA). The USHA certification mainly ensures that our products are trustworthy, safe, go through intense 3rd party audits, and that our products are legal under federal and state laws. Lastly, we obtained the NASC Quality Seal on many of our products as well to ensure our products are labeled accurately.

Safe Extraction Method

To ensure that there are no toxic solvents or chemicals found in our final products, we only utilize a supercritical CO2 extraction method to extract our full spectrum hemp extract from the hemp plants. This process only uses pressurized air at extremely low temperatures to extract the beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

Where can I purchase Pet Releaf CBD for dogs and cats?

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If you’re wondering where you can purchase Pet Releaf’s CBD pet products, you can Buy CBD For Dogs Online or In-Store. To locate a local pet store near you, enter your zip code on our Pet Releaf store locator! If there isn’t a store near you, you can always shop our CBD products directly from our website.

Not sure which Pet Releaf CBD product is your pet’s perfect match? Try out our product finder! Our product finder can help you navigate which product is best for your pet based on their specific health needs.

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