As many businesses are starting to have their employees head back into the office, it’s time to start preparing your pet for when you have to leave daily. When you first started working from home, it was most likely a delightful surprise for your pet that you’d be around more often. Quality time with your pet can mean the absolute world to them, so an abrupt leave might be very confusing for your dog or cat. To make this transition a bit more seamless, it’s a great idea to start preparing your pet by implementing some different ideas into their daily routines. At Pet Releaf, we researched 5 different ways you can start preparing your pet during your transition to the office!

Give you and your dog some “me” time

When your pet spends all hours of the day laying by your side and going on frequent walks, it may be a shock to them when you start leaving them at home again. It’s recommended to spend some time away from your pup while you’re at home. This can be as simple as working from home in a separate room, so you and your pet can get some alone time. If your dog was previously crate trained, they may view their crate as their safe space! You can start implementing the crate some more so they get used to their old routine. Or with the extra time you have now, you can start crate training now to help them feel safe and comfortable when you’re not around. It’s also recommended to start going on short walks or drives without them so they remember what it’s like to be left alone, so it’s not as big as a shock.

Stick to a routine

If you were following a certain routine when you would go to work before, such as going on a walk with your dog before work and having specific feeding times, it’s time to bring those back! Establishing a set schedule for your dog can better prepare your pet for when you go to work again, according to Dr. Dana Varble, the chief veterinary officer for the North American Veterinary Community, as reported by CNN. You should start setting aside times for feeding, exercising, as well as the alone time. The more you prepare your pet now with a set routine, the more beneficial it will be for your pup to start adapting for when you start up your regular work schedule. 

Start adding CBD to your pet’s daily regimen

If your pet has grown attached to you always being around, a sudden disappearance may be a shock to them as their favorite human won’t be around as often. This also could cause some separation stress in your pet as you won’t be there at all hours of the day. Combat your pet’s stress by promoting calmness with CBD for dogs. If you’re new to CBD for pets, learn more how CBD Hemp Oil can help your pet’s stress.

We recommend administering daily not only to reap the benefits of CBD, such as supporting a healthy immune system, but to also keep them calm for when you start leaving the house more. Introduce your pet to CBD with our CBD-infused Edibites! They’re a convenient way to supplement your pet’s CBD daily with a variety of flavors. If you’re looking for a specific Edibites flavor that incorporates functional ingredients to promote calmness and relaxation, check out our Calming Chews for Dogs. 

Along with our Edibites, we also offer our CBD Hemp Oils For Dogs that you can supplement to your dogs daily. We have our product finder so you can get a custom product recommendation based on your pup’s stress levels! While you’re giving your pet some alone time, try administering about half of their recommended usage amount about 1 hour before you put them in the crate for some chill time. By doing this daily, it’s a great way to prepare your pet for when you actually start leaving the home. 

Keep them busy during the day

As you start to separate yourself more from your pup while you’re at home, it’s also helpful to help keep your pup busy. There are many puzzle toys out there that can help stimulate your pup’s mental health as well as keep them busy for longer. You can stuff the puzzle toys with treats or even our Edibites! This way they’re working for an all-natural supplement that can benefit their health and help them stay calm. One of our favorite puzzle dog toy creators is West Paw. They have some awesome puzzle toy varieties that can help your pup work for their favorite dog treat.  

Doggy Daycare

We know it’s been a difficult time when it comes to socializing your dog, especially if you just adopted a new puppy in this current state of the world. The easiest way to start puppy socializing is by bringing them around the healthy family or friends. If you have healthy friends who are also pet parents, set up a play date where you and your friend are safely social distancing while your dogs play, so your new pup can start to feel comfortable around other dogs! If your friends or family aren’t working in the office, see if there are a couple days during the week where you can drop your pup off before work so they don’t feel as alone. There is also the option of bringing your dog to 

We know the past few months have been filled with uncertainty and challenges. We hope you found this article helpful as we explore this next chapter together!

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