As pet owners, we always want what is best for our four-legged friends. If your dog is experiencing any health issues, you are probably worrying. You may be considering trying some CBD products to make your pet feel better. But just how long does CBD stay in a dog’s system? How long is CBD effective? We will go over all of that and more in this guide

What is CBD Used for in Dogs?

Many dog owners wonder what CBD can be used for. CBD has many benefits and can help in many areas of a pet’s health, including:

  • Joint discomfort
  • Stress
  • Digestive issues
  • Travel
  • Aging
  • Situations that cause anxiousness
  • Overall health

CBD Usage for Dogs

It is important to give your dog the correct amount when administering CBD. Often CBD is given in the form of oil. Typically, 1-2 milligrams per 10lbs of body weight is given. With a true USDA Organic, full-spectrum CBD oil void of any chemical extractions, there is no risk of overdose. Commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals carry a wide range of side effects and the potential for overdose.

With CBD oil, it is easy to control how much you are giving your dog, although there are many other kinds of products. The dose you give your dog will depend on many variables, including the potency of the CBD.

Different Levels of CBD Potency for Dogs

There are different levels of potency in CBD products. Often, CBD comes in oil form, and there are different potency levels in different oils.

Before administering any dose of CBD oil to your dog, it is a good idea to consult your vet and discuss what the best options are based on your lifestyle and your dog’s medical history, just like you would before making any changes to your dog’s diet or medications.

How Long Does CBD Stay in a Dog’s System?

How long will the CBD stay in your dog’s system? Typically, you can expect the CBD to remain in your dog’s system for at least 24 hours. The more potent the CBD is, the longer you can expect it to stay in the system. There are many factors, however, including the dosage, potency, and size of your dog. Your dog may need more or less CBD, depending on the dog and how severe their health issues are. Always start with the recommended amount first, and adjust from there if needed.

How Long is CBD Effective in Dogs?

The effects of CBD – especially when being used for calming – will usually last around 6-8 hours in the dog’s system. However, we recommend administering CBD regularly so that the effects build over time. For example, if you have a big trip coming up, we would recommend you start administering CBD a few days before the trip, and every 6-8 hours the day of the trip. If you are using CBD for something like joint discomfort, it may take a week or two to notice the full effects of improved mobility.

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