We are now using a sustainably-sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil!

At Pet Releaf, we like to say “we do what’s right even when nobody is looking.” In an effort to ensure we deliver the most sustainable products, we are moving from Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil. Given the current environmental stresses on the salmon population, pollock is a more ethically-sourced and readily available option that is just as rich in omegas as salmon and provides all the same health benefits to our pets.

As part of this formulation change, we have taken the opportunity to update our Liposome branding. We have a new box design and removed the “Professional” labeling to be more consistent with our oils. However, we will continue to use the foil and high quality, soft-touch box to differentiate the added value and quality of the Liposomes.

Due to the confusion and misunderstanding of the full spectrum numbers and how to differentiate them from the active CBD content, we will also be moving to a format that only displays the active CBD content on boxes and labels. No changes in pricing or potency means it’s the same product you know and love!


Here is what each box will now look like:

Liposome Hemp Oil 100 MG

Liposome Hemp Oil 300 MG

Check out both potencies of our Liposome Hemp Oils!