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Ease 4th of July Firework Anxiety with Pet Releaf CBD Products

May 22, 2019

The 4th of July can be an exciting day for us humans, but sometimes it can be stressful on our pets.

With 4th of July just around the corner, it’s important to prepare not only yourself but your pets too. With fireworks and company coming over to celebrate our Independence Day, the loud noises can definitely make your pets feel discomfort. Pet Releaf came up with 4 different ways to make sure your pet is prepared for the upcoming holiday!

1. Pet Releaf’s CBD Hemp Oil

As fireworks and loud noises are filling the neighborhood on the 4th of July, Our CBD hemp oil can be the perfect way to give your pets’ holiday anxiety a break. With calming and relaxing properties, it’s a great option to have on hand when your pet starts showing signs of stress. Pet Releaf has many different options in our product line to tailor to your pet’s specific needs! We recommend trying out our CBD hemp oil a few days before the 4th of July just to make sure it works for your pet. On the 4th of July, try administering your pet’s recommended usage amount 30 min to 1 hour before the festivities begin.

Also, try using our Edibites for extra coverage for your pup throughout the night! There are no known overdoses on CBD, so you can always administer the oil and Edibites without worry. You could even use an Edibite as a reward if they’re doing really well, so not only do they receive some additional support, but can also be reminded that they are doing a great job amongst the chaos!

2. Exercise

Give your dog or cat a workout during the day of 4th of July! Exercise will hopefully tire them out enough so that they will just rest for the remainder of the night. For instance, try going on a long walk or playing fetch with your dog in the park. And for cats, bring out a feather toy wand to keep not only their body active but their brain stimulated too!

3. Keeping Them Busy

Provide your dog a long-lasting chew or food puzzle to keep them occupied while the fireworks are sounding off! It’s also ideal to create a safe space for them to hide out during the commotion. This could include their favorite pet bed or blanket tucked away in your bedroom away from the noises. With the addition of a treat or puzzle, this will hopefully keep them busy enough to ignore the ruckus.

4. Background Noise

To stifle the fireworks outside, try turning on a TV show or peaceful instrumental music in your pet’s favorite room. This will help block out some of the louder noises outside so your pet can relax.

At Pet Releaf, we understand that pet holiday anxiety can be stressful–which is why we have products for dogs and cats that can help them through this stressful time:

For small dogs and cats, shop our Hemp Oil 330 or Liposome Hemp Oil 330

For medium-sized dogs, shop our Hemp Oil 700 and our Regular Edibites

For medium to large breed dogs, shop our Hemp Oil 1700, Liposome Hemp Oil 1000, and our Large Breed Edibites

Need a product recommendation? Try our usage calculator