Dog Horoscopes: What to Expect in August 2022

Aug 1, 2022

by Raphael Zahavah Emerald Visions 

Here are your dog’s horoscopes for August 2022! Read them with your pet and let your dog marvel at the messages directly from the stars! 


(March 21 – April 19)

You’ve been a bit hyper lately … maybe it’s time to lay off those extra pugs of coffee each morning. With a wagging tail and high energy, you’re barking for more adventures. Your humans might be in chill mode for a minute though, so don’t forget to read the room. The stars say things will be falling into place, but first, you’ve got to take it easy. Breathe through the moment.  

Breed Matches

  • Chihuahua 
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Mastiff


(April 20 – May 20)

You know it’s a good month for a time out to just chill for a minute. The stars say you need a breather, some long sleepy afternoons in your plushie bed with a bone to chew on. Make sure you’re making some time for your self-care along with getting some extra cuddles and hugs – and treats from your humans. 

Breed Matches

  • Greyhounds
  • Bulldog
  • Shih Tzu
  • Pug


(May 21 – June 20)

No dog does it quite like you. Your unique energy is ready to shine this month. The stars say head to the park or show off at the dog daycare. Your humans are happy to facilitate your day in the spotlight. Now you just have to figure out what your special talent is… a howling song, a performance piece…or maybe a trick? You’ve got a few magical ideas up your paw. 

Breed Matches

  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Great Pyrenees


(June 21 – July 22)

The stars say you are determined and focused on learning some new tricks. You’ve got an extra dose of energy to put toward your training. The additional treat to the daily routine doesn’t hurt either! This is just the motivation you need to keep on task – keep your eye on the prize with snacks for days. Sit, roll over, spin, and stand! 

Breed Matches

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Collie
  • Irish Setter
  • Maltese


(July 23 – August 22)

Chew on this: the stars say it’s your time to shine! This month it’s predicted that your personality will be all the sparkles, tail wags, and wiggle butts you can muster. You’ve got a lot of energy at present time and you’re bringing joy to those around you. Your generous heart is boisterous with love and affection.  

Breed Matches


(August 23 – September 22)

The stars say you’ll be wanting a job to do this month–something to keep you focused and support you in following your calling in life. Time to fetch for those dreams you’ve been after. Let your adventurous spirit draw you into the unknown. Keep sniffing until you find what you are looking for. 

australian shepherd in sand

Breed Matches

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • Newfoundland
  • English Cocker Spaniel


(September 23 – October 22)

A shiny new toy has got your attention at the pet store. With you craving a new chewy or squeaky to fill those long summer afternoons. It can be just the thing to keep you entertained for hours on end. Give those sweet puppy dog eyes and see if your humans with make the purchase! 

Breed Matches

  • Pomeranian
  • Poodles
  • Boston Terrier
  • Alaskan Malamute


(October 23 – November 21) 

Having good habits helps you feel steady and grounded. This month, the stars say you’ll be extra vigilant about staying on track with your routines. You’re ready to take your skills to the next level and have all the determination, resolve, and drive to get you there. And your humans will be supporting you every step of the way. Keep going! 

Breed Matches

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Miniature Schnauzer


(November 22 – December 21)

You have your sights set on learning new things and expanding your horizons. Let yourself dream about all the amazing opportunities that are coming up. This month, the stars say, you could travel, go on vacation, or go somewhere you haven’t been before. Windows down and your face in the breeze–the open road is yours! 

Breed Matches

  • Beagle
  • Brittany
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  • Vizsla


(December 22 – January 19)

The stars say it’s time for a change in some of your day-to-day routines. But your stubborn ways present some obstacles–prep for a few tantrums on your part along the way. A fresh approach to diet, exercise, or play can be just what you need to get things rolling in a new direction. Be open as the experience of trying something new can be puptastic for you! 

Breed Matches

  • Border Collie
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Papillon


(January 20 – February 18)

The stars say you’ll have misty eyes and a gentle approach to life right now; you’re more sensitive to the world around you this month. Your humans and you should plan an easy day out, some time at a duck pond or a day in nature. Fresh air is the medicine, panting with the sounds of the wind..let out a woof woof and release your worries…time to chill. 

Breed Matches


(February 19 – March 20)

The stars say it’s time for some fun…new experiences await! Your curious nature can tend to keep you busy right now with you wanting to explore what the world has to offer. This is a time for trying new things and adventurously seeing what is out there. Howl with happiness at your newfound path of discovery! 

Breed Matches

  • Saint Bernard
  • French Bulldog
  • Tibetan Spaniel
  • Basset Hound

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