When it comes to our dogs, we want them to be healthy and happy. Our dogs are like members of the family. They might even be your favorite, but don’t worry, we won’t tell. If your dog experiences stress or anxiety, it can be hard to watch. Hiding, shaking, trembling and even aggressive behavior like barking or growling can all be signs your dog is anxious or stressed. One solution many dog owners are turning to is calming treats. The ingredients in these treats range from CBD to herbs to vitamins to amino acids.

Talk to Your Vet First About New Supplements

When it comes to choosing a calming treat for your dog, it’s a good idea to talk to your veterinarian first. They’ll be able to tell you if a treat might react to any medications your dog is taking, and will likely be able to recommend a few brands for you to try. It’s also a good idea to loop your veterinarian in about any stress your dog is experiencing, especially if it’s starting to become a long-term issue. While calming treats can help, there may be other approaches such as training and addressing the source of stress that might be more effective long term. 

Calming treats are technically stress supplements for your dog and not regular treats. Be sure to follow any instructions on the package about how many treats to give your dog. Do not give more than the recommended amount to your dog. Be sure to have other, regular treats on hand for your dog, and not just calming treats.

How to Choose a Calming Treat

Not all calming treats are created equal. There is a wide range of quality when it comes to the pet supplement market. Not only do you want to look for the right ingredients, but it’s important to choose a reputable brand that makes a quality product. One easy way to tell if a product is well made is to look for quality seals from reputable organizations such as USDA Organic or the National Animal Supplement Council.

While a supplement certainly doesn’t need to contain all these ingredients, here are ingredients to look for when choosing a calming treat for your dog.

1. Essential fatty acids

Omega-3’s and sometimes omega-6’s are used to calm and feed the nervous system.

2. Chamomile

A classic calming herb that’s also helpful for digestion.

3. Ginger

Popular for digestion, ginger is also rich in antioxidants.

4. Melatonin

Promotes rest and good sleep

5. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are often used in stress formulas to help the body fend off free radicals which damage cells. 

6. Valerian root

An herbal sedative commonly used for sleep and anxiety. 

7. St. John’s Wort

Supports a healthy brain.

8. L-tryptophan 

Found in turkey and chicken and is known as the sleepy amino acid

9. Magnesium

This mineral supports relaxation.

CBD Edibites From Pet Releaf

These delightful CBD supplement chews are not treats, but they are available in delicious flavors to satisfy your pup’s palate! Edibites are supplement chews that contain CBD and all-natural, functional ingredients. CBD, or cannabidiol is just one of the 100 beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant… CBD works with your dog’s nervous system to help its body maintain homeostasis or balance. Many dog calming supplements have CBD as one of their ingredients. 

While the Edibites supplement chews all have different, functional ingredients, they all contain CBD, which may promote your dog’s healthy response to stress and nervousness, like if they have a vet appointment or a long trip coming up. Edibites come in tasty flavors—but don’t bother to tell your dog they aren’t treats, they won’t believe you. 

1. Calming Chews

These tasty flavored peanut butter and carob supplement chews are synergistically designed to promote calmness and a healthy stress response. Containing 2mg of CBD per chew in the Small & Medium Breed variety and 5mg of CBD per chew in the Large Breed variety, these Edibites harness the potential calming power of CBD to help your dog be their best, happiest self. Combined with helpful herbs, this chew packs a calming punch. Baobab is an herb that may help support a normal inflammatory response. We’ve also added the calming classic herb, Chamomile, which might help promote relaxation and calmness. These supplement chews are certified USDA Organic as well as certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) .

2. Peppered Bacon Chews

These Edibite supplement chews are so delectable, you might be tempted to steal one for yourself! Each Small & Medium Breed supplement chew has 2mg of CBD per bite while every Large Breed supplement chew contains 5mg of CBD per bite, which may help your dog stay calm and handle stressors like moving or a new pet in the house. Flavored with black pepper and bacon, these supplement chews are sure to be your dog’s new favorite. The black pepper contains a healthful compound called piperine, which is an antioxidant. Piperine may also help support a normal inflammatory response and even enhance brain function. At Pet Releaf, we want only the best for your dog! These yummy supplement chews are certified by NASC.

3. Digestive Chews

Having an upset stomach is never fun, which is why we’ve formulated our Digestive chews to be sweet potato pie flavored. These soft chews contain CBD and functional herbs to help soothe your dog’s troubled tummy. With 2mg of CBD in our Small & Medium Breed chews  and 5mg of CBD in our Large Breed chews, these soft supplement chews may help calm your dog, as well as support healthy digestion. Ginger root is a classic digestive aid, and has been used by people all over the world for hundreds of years! Ginger is good for dogs too, so we’ve added it because it may promote healthy digestion in dogs. Also, in these Digestive CBD and functional herbal soft chews is marshmallow root, which has also been used to encourage proper digestion throughout the ages. These tasty chews are certified by USDA Organic and the NASC. Find quality you can trust at Pet Releaf.

4. Hip and Joint Chews

It’s a peanut butter and banana bonanza with our Hip and Joint chews. Formulated with classic ingredients for joint health, we’ve made a delicious soft chew that may help keep your dog calm and happy! Joint issues are common among older dogs, and we wanted to support our furry friends as they age. With 1.5mg of CBD per Small & Medium Breed soft chew and 3mg of CBD per Large Breed soft chew, the CBD may help support your dog’s nervous system, which is responsible for regulating her entire body. CBD may help support the formation of healthy connective tissue and promote healthy joints overall. We’ve added glucosamine, which is thought to grow healthy cartilage, and chondroitin, which might help your dog have a healthy inflammatory response. Add in Noni, which is a powerful antioxidant, and you’ve got the Peanut Butter and Banana Hip and Joint CBD supplement chew. This supplement chew is certified by NASC.

5. Immunity Chews

These blueberry and cranberry flavored supplement soft chews have 1.5mg of CBD per Small & Medium breed soft chew and 3mg of CBD per Large breed soft chew. It’s thought that CBD may promote calmness and ease stress in dogs, as well as support a healthy immune system. CBD may also support the body’s innate resistance to pathogens. CBD helps your dog’s nervous system talk to the body. This is why CBD may be so helpful with a variety of health ailments, in addition to promoting overall health and wellness. Edibites are baked with love here in the United States, using organic honey to lightly sweeten these organic rice flour-based chews. Your dog will crave this cranberry and blueberry flavored Immunity supplement chew! These chews are USDA Organic and certified by NASC. 

Pet CBD from Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf is as dedicated to making the best quality pet CBD in the world, as you are to your adorable dog. They’re so passionate about quality and purity that they oversee the entire production process of their pet CBD, from growing their hemp from seed to bottling their CBD hemp oils. With a variety of CBD products to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find the right CBD supplement for your dog. You already know about Edibites, Pet Releaf’s line of delicious supplement chews, but did you know they also have two different kinds of hemp oil? Their USDA Organic hemp oil is mixed with coconut oil and can be administered on an empty stomach for max absorption. Their other liposome hemp oil is made with a base of sustainably caught Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil and can be administered during or after mealtime! This means your pet will get a healthy dose of omega-3’s as well as beneficial CBD. If you have any questions, check out their helpful product finder