At Pet Releaf, we’re on a mission to change what healthy means for pets, which is why we offer CBD pet products for a lifetime! Our Immunity Chews for Dogs in Blueberry & Cranberry flavor are the perfect supplement for dogs in all stages of their life cycle. For all of our products, we only incorporate the highest-quality ingredients to benefit your pet’s overall wellness. If you’re searching for an everyday supplement to benefit your dog’s health, our CBD Immunity Edibites may be a great option for promoting a healthy immune system in your pet’s body and help keep your healthy dog healthy. 


Pet Releaf’s Immunity Edibites incorporate blueberries and pieces of dried cranberries in every bite to satisfy your pup’s sweet palate! 

Sizing Options

Our CBD Immunity Boost Edibites are available in Small & Medium BreedLarge Breed, and Trial Size options! Each Small & Medium Breed and Trial Size bag contains 1.5mg of active CBD per bite, while each Large Breed Edibites bag contains 3mg of active CBD per bite. Don’t worry about administration, each bag contains dosage recommendations based on your dog’s body weight. 

Quality Seals 

We are honored to have earned certifications from two of the most trusted organizations in the pet industry: USDA Organic (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and NASC (National Animal Supplement Council). 

What can my dog use CBD Immunity Boost Edibites for?

Whether you just rescued a new puppy or have a senior dog that’s been with you for years, our Immunity Boost Edibites can support dogs of all ages! A healthy immune system is key to keeping your pet’s wellness in check. Unfortunately, a compromised immune system can open the door to possible illness and diseases in your pet’s body. We wanted to create a product that may support your pet’s overall wellbeing and support a normal immune response in your dog’s body. Administering our Immunity Boost Edibites as a daily all-natural, CBD supplement for your dog may do wonders for their immune system health. 

Can I only use CBD Immunity Boost Edibites for supporting my dog’s immune system?

Not only can our Immunity Boost Edibites promote a healthy immune system, but they may help your pet’s body in other ways as well! Each of our Pet Releaf Edibites includes our full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, and CBD can have a multitude of benefits for your pet’s health. 

Depending on your pet’s health status, your pet may require a higher potency CBD product to add to their daily regimen like our Pet Releaf Hemp Oils. If you’re not sure which product would be the best match for your pet, try out our product finder for a customized product recommendation!  

Should I consult my veterinarian about my dog’s immune system health? 

Disclaimer: This is not veterinary or medical advice. Please consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s immune health to determine if there are any underlying health issues before seeking CBD as a supplement option.  

Of course! Your veterinarian should always be your first contact if you notice anything unusual with your dog’s immune system health. A dog’s immune system is often the key to underlying issues in other parts of your dog’s body. A weakened immune system is not ideal for your dog’s overall health.  

There are many great ways you can support your dog’s immune health naturally, whether it be adding in more playtime or exercise, adjusting your dog’s diet with new dog food, adding in supplements like CBD, fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C, probiotics, and more.  

If improvements are not made to your pet’s overall health and immune system with adjustments from your veterinarian, they may want to run additional tests to make sure your dog has a healthy inflammatory response, a healthy digestive tract, and that their white blood cell counts aren’t too high. Additional testing may help find if your dog has any underlying autoimmune deficiencies. If they do find any concerns, please be rest assured that your veterinarian will provide the best pet care plan and veterinary medicine prescriptions to help your dog. 

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