4 Things to Look for When Buying CBD Hemp Oils

Dec 17, 2015

Not all CBD hemp oil products are the same.

At Pet Releaf, we are asked all the time if our Hemp Products and CBD Hemp Oils are the same as other CBD hemp products found in stores and on the internet. The answer is NO.

There are 4 main reasons why Pet Releaf CBD hemp products and CBD hemp oils are superior to anything in the marketplace:

1. Source of hemp and CBD

Pet Releaf products are made from hemp oil that is extracted from the largest USDA certified organic hemp farm in the country. Many alternative products being offered use Chinese (and sometimes Russian) hemp because it is far cheaper. The problem here is the Chinese and Russian hemp are NOT organic and are often grown in toxic soil in an attempt to “clean” the soil.

2. Method of Extraction

Pet Releaf uses ONLY super critical CO2 extraction to safely and completely bring the healthy and essential oils out of the plant. Almost all other CBD products on the market utilize toxic solvents to extract the oils – such as butane (yes, lighter fluid) or heavy alcohols. The problem with those methods is that the toxic solvents often remain present in the CBD oil. Another significant issue is that these toxic solvents destroy the health benefits of the hemp oils being extracted. Just think what butane or isopropyl alcohol does to sensitive living plant material. Would you ever drown your broccoli in lighter fluid and then serve it to your family after it supposedly evaporated??

3. Whole Hemp Plant or Hemp Seeds Only

Pet Releaf uses the whole hemp plant AND the hemp seeds to make our CBD products and CBD oil. Some companies only use hemp seeds (again much cheaper) in their products. Hemp seeds do NOT contain any CBD at all. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein and Omega 3, 6 and 9 but don’t hold the multitude of healthy cannabinoids found in the plant itself.

4. Suspension or mixing agents with CBD hemp oil

CBD hemp oil by itself is very concentrated and has a consistency similar to molasses so it must be mixed with something in order to be used as an oil. Pet Releaf CBD hemp oil is ONLY mixed with organic coconut oil to preserve the health benefits of the hemp oil. The majority of CBD oils on the market are mixed with ethanol or propylene glycol and often contain flavoring such as peppermint – all of which are potential health hazards for our pets. Those are much cheaper but actually significantly reduce and even destroy the living and active cannabinoids present in CBD hemp oil.

Wikipedia has some further information on how alcohol and toxic solvents destroy and eliminate the health benefits of living plant compounds. Click here to read more.

Take a look at our products at Try us out with your pets – we guarantee you will appreciate the Pet Releaf difference.


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