CBD Dosage for XS or Extra-Small Dogs

Jan 22, 2022

Extra small dogs are the favorites of queens and gentry from long years past and continue to be popular as family dogs and one-on-one companions today. Extra small dogs offer many benefits to their pet parents, including their small size, smaller appetites, and warm, loving natures. From the regal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to the loveable and loyal Chihuahua, extra small dogs are making their homes in our hearts. You likely treat your extra small dog like a full member of your family. That’s why you want to give your dog the right CBD for her size. Pet CBD for XS dogs poses some special challenges, given the small size of your pup. In this article, we’ll discuss the CBD dosage for XS dogs and how to compute the right dose for your dog.

What is the Dosing Amount of CBD oil for XS or Extra-Small Dogs?

When it comes to CBD for extra small dogs, how much oil you give your dog will depend on your brand of CBD oil. The general guideline for dosing dogs with CBD is 1-2mg per 10lbs of body weight. This might be a few drops or a half dropper, depending on the concentration of CBD. So for a dog weighing 10lbs, her dose will be 1-2 mg of CBD, and a 20lb dog will be at 2-4 mg of CBD. We’ll go over how to calculate the correct amount of CBD oil for your dog no matter the brand in a later section. 

Here are the dosing amounts for all Pet Releaf products made for extra-small dogs. 

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 100: for 1-25lbs, give 1.5 full droppers a day. 

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 200: for 1-25lbs, give 0.75 full dropper a day. 

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 100: for 1-25lbs, give 0.5 full dropper a day. 

Pet Releaf’s Edibites: for 1-30lbs, give 1, up to 2, or as needed.

Pet Releaf’s Sentesa for small dogs: for 11-33lbs, give 1-2 capsules a day.

How to Compute CBD Dosage for XS Dogs

While many CBD companies will include a dosage guide based on weight, you may find yourself in a position where you need to calculate this dose yourself. The general guideline is 1-2 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. Let’s say your dog is 12lbs. We’ll round down to 10lbs for dosing purposes. This means your dog’s dose is 1-2 mg of CBD. What if your dog is extra, extra small? For a 6lb dog, their dose would still be 1-2 mg of CBD. You could, however, calculate on the smaller side and say your 6lb dog’s dose is 0.5-1 mg of CBD. 

Now, you need to figure out how much CBD is in one serving of your CBD oil. Divide the concentration of CBD by how many servings one bottle provides. This will tell you how much CBD is in one serving. Sometimes this information is listed on the product packaging or website. If the number of servings isn’t listed, assume 30, since most CBD products are designed to last a month. If you have a 100mg bottle of CBD oil, 100 divided by 30 is about 3. So, there are 3 milligrams per dropper or serving of your CBD oil. So your dog’s dose at 1-2 mg of CBD is one-third to two-thirds of a dropper. At 0.5-1mg, her serving is one-sixth to one-third of a dropper. To calculate these small doses, it’s easier if you go drop by drop.

Now that you know how to compute a CBD dose for your extra small dog, here is a chart of all of Pet Releaf’s CBD products for extra small dogs.


Dog weight 1-25lbs 1.5 full droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 1-25lbs 0.75 full droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 200
Dog weight 1-25lbs 0.5 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 11lbs-33lbs 1-2 capsules a day Sentesa Tri-Active Capsules for small dogs
Dog weight up to 30lbs give 1, up to 2, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites


Factors That Affect CBD Dosage for XS Dogs

Every dog is a little bit different. When it comes to CBD for XS dogs, each dog will uniquely process CBD. This will influence your dog’s individual CBD dose. Your dog’s individual physiology is part of what makes him special. At the end of the day, how your dog is feeling will be the most important factor in determining his correct CBD dosage. Look to your dog for guidance, if you don’t see an improvement within an hour or a few days, gradually up his dose until you see the results you want or are closer to your health goals for your dog. Here are a few more factors that will help guide you as you look for your dog’s correct CBD dose. Also—there’s no harm in simply sticking with the recommended dosage. Your dog will still be benefiting from CBD. 

1. How big is your dog?

Your dog’s weight will be the starting point for figuring out his best CBD dosage. In general, smaller dogs need less CBD than larger dogs, just like they need much less food than a big dog. So, while this means you’ll be spending much less on CBD than a pet parent with a Great Dane, there is another factor to consider. Smaller dogs have much higher and faster metabolisms than large dogs do. This means they’ll process CBD much faster than their larger counterparts. Depending on your health goals for your extra small dog, this means that dividing up their CBD dose into 3-4 servings is needed to make sure there’s always CBD in their system. This is dependent on your health goals, and availability, of course. Twice a day is still excellent and will give your dog the benefits of CBD. 

2. How healthy is your dog?

Two dogs who weigh the same, but who are in different states of health will likely need different doses of CBD. With healthy dogs, CBD is used to promote and support optimal wellness and future health. However, if your dog has health issues, your goals are going to be different. In general, the sicker the dog, the more CBD they might need to reach their health goals. 

3. What brand of CBD are you using?

If you’re using a lower quality CBD, then there may be less bioavailable CBD and other compounds from hemp. This is particularly true if the company uses heat to extract its CBD.  This might mean you’ll need to use more CBD to reach your health goals for your dog. 

4. What kind of CBD are you using?

Pet CBD products come in four main types, oils, capsules, chews, and topicals.

  1. CBD oil is considered to be the most cost-effective type of pet CBD and is a good choice if your extra small dog requires a higher dose. CBD oil is generally given by mouth.
  2. CBD capsules are filled with CBD oil and are also given by mouth. It may be hard to find CBD capsules for extra small dogs. 
  3. Chews, or “treats”, are quite popular and easy to give your dog. While they aren’t really treats and need to be treated like supplements, they are flavored and dogs love them. 
  4. A topical is a CBD lotion and is typically used for skin issues, like seasonal allergies. 

Pet Releaf CBD for Extra-Small Dogs

Pet Releaf is dedicated to quality from the seeds they use to grow their hemp to how their products are made. Their hemp is grown with zero herbicides or pesticides. Pet Releaf doesn’t want traces of those agricultural chemicals in their pet CBD. To ensure quality and a full cannabinoid profile, Pet Releaf uses Terpex technology to extract from the whole hemp plant. Instead of preparing a CBD isolate and destroying all the other beneficial cannabinoids in the extraction process, Pet Releaf uses this technology to do a full spectrum extract. This allows pets to gain all the health benefits of CBD combined with the other naturally occurring compounds in hemp like terpenes and flavonoids. 

Pet Releaf is proud to make CBD products for extra small dogs. They know that extra small dogs deserve the best when it comes to their CBD products. Pet Releaf was started by pet lovers dedicated to making the world’s best pet CBD. Their Hemp Oil 100 for pets, including extra small dogs, is USDA certified Organic. And their Liposome Hemp Oil 100 is award-winning, and no wonder because it contains sustainably sourced wild Alaskan Red Pollack fish oil. Not only does this make the CBD oil tastier to your pup, but it provides a healthy dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Pet Releaf makes more than CBD oil. Their line of Edibites put the treat in CBD treat. Even though Edibites aren’t treats, but CBD and functional herbal chews, your dog will think they’re treats with flavors like peppered bacon and peanut butter and banana. Edibites may support a range of health issues. Pick from Calming, Digestive, Immunity, and Hip and Joint chews. 

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