Learn how Pet Releaf CBD Digestive Health Edibites may help promote a healthy digestive system in your dog’s body!

As pet parents, we know the last thing you want to see and experience is your pet feeling uncomfortable. An upset tummy is never fun for our pets, so we decided to develop our CBD Digestive Health Edibites with Sweet Potato Pie flavor with this ordeal in mind. We have included functional ingredients that may help alleviate your dog’s digestive tract. If you’re on the search for a daily CBD supplement that may promote a healthy digestive system as well as support your dog’s occasional gastric distress, we recommend trying our CBD Digestive Health Edibites! 


Give your pet a taste of Thanksgiving with Pet Releaf Edibites! Our CBD Digestive Health Edibites incorporate a sweet potato pie flavor to satisfy your dog’s sweet palate!

Functional Ingredients

At Pet Releaf, we always strive to add the very best ingredients that are not only high quality but also effective for your pet’s health. In our CBD Digestive Health Edibites, we’ve incorporated marshmallow root and ginger that both may be helpful in promoting healthy pet digestion. While marshmallow root may support occasional gastric distress in dogs and help support the protective layers of the bowel, ginger may help maintain a dog’s healthy intestinal tract as well as normalize gastric function in dogs. 

Sizing Options

All of our Pet Releaf Edibites are available in Small & Medium Breed, Large Breed, and Trial Size options. Each Small & Medium Breed and trial size bag contains 2mg of active CBD per bite, while each Large Breed Edibites bag contains 5mg of active CBD per bite.

What can my dog use CBD Digestive Health Edibites for?

As the digestive system is involved in a majority in your dog’s everyday bodily functions, we believe it’s important to keep your dog’s digestive system in check! The gastrointestinal tract is involved in many functions for your dog, such as digesting food, absorbing nutrients, maintaining appropriate fluid balance, and getting rid of waste. Our CBD Digestive Health Edibites are a great daily, all-natural supplement to further promote a healthy digestive tract as well as support your dog’s occasional gastrointestinal distress. 

Can I only use CBD Digestive Health Edibites for gastrointestinal upset?

Although the ingredients featured in our CBD Digestive Health Edibites were incorporated to support a healthy digestive system, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for supporting other areas of your pet’s body! All of Pet Releaf’s CBD-infused Edibites incorporate our full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD. As CBD can work in many areas of your dog’s body, our CBD Digestive Health Edibites can have more than one use. We recommend administering our Edibites daily for not only the added benefits of the ingredients, but for the health benefits of hemp as well!

Depending on your pet’s health needs, you may want to upgrade to one of our higher potency products like our Pet Releaf Hemp Oils! Not sure which product your pet may benefit the most from? Try out our product finder for a customized recommendation!

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