If you have a dog, you know how difficult it can be to care for them when they fall ill. Should they need surgery, the pain and discomfort they endure can be very challenging to both the animal and their human family members. Dog owners can do many things to help make sure that their pets recover as quickly as possible, including giving them pet CBD, lots of love and snuggles, and even special treats to help them feel more like themselves.

How Your Pet is Likely Feeling Post-Surgery

While many pets come out of surgical procedures with some energy and excited to see their owners, some don’t take too well to the post-surgical side effects. Unfortunately, many pet owners are surprised to learn just how much pain and discomfort their pets may experience following surgery. Your dog might be nauseous, tired, and sore – even if they aren’t showing it, which is why it’s essential to keep them relaxed in order for them to heal properly.

While the recovery process can be slow, there are many things pet owners should do to help their pets feel better and heal more quickly. These include giving them any post-surgical medications provided by their veterinarian and including some natural products to help them relax. One of the most important things you’ll want to keep in mind is that your dog will need to be crate-rested or otherwise kept calm to ensure that their wounds can heal properly.

5 Steps to Caring for Your Dog Post-Surgery

If your dog is about to undergo surgery, it’s essential to plan ahead. Here are five steps to keep in mind when caring for your dog post-surgery:

1. Provide Them with Lots of Water

Dehydration can be one of the main reasons for post-surgery complications. Your dog is likely going to feel rather run-down, and this can lead to them avoiding walking to their water bowl to stay hydrated. Make sure your pet has access to plenty of water in the post-surgery period.

2. Keep Them Calm and as Comfortable as Possible with Medication or Pet CBD

Your dog will need to remain as calm as possible to ensure that their injuries or sutures are allowed to heal correctly. While many pet owners will choose crate rest to keep their dog from running, others prefer to not have them spend long periods in their kennel.

If your dog seems rather rambunctious right after their surgery, you may want to explore some options to help them remain calm. While some post-surgical medications may help with this, many pet parents choose to go the more natural route. If that’s the case, then you may want to do some research into pet CBD for post-surgery care.  CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural option that many dog owners use to help their pets remain calm and as comfortable as possible.

CBD can help promote calmness and relaxation, which can help your dog feel more at ease after their surgery. These oils come in a variety of options, including liquid drops, chews, as well as easy-to-swallow capsules.

3. Keep Them Cozy and Warm

When undergoing procedures for anything from teeth cleaning to surgery, your dog has to have some level of anesthesia.  This can lead to them being cold or having issues regulating their body temperature. Keeping your pet warm with a snuggly blanket or another form of insulation will allow them to heal optimally.

4. Give Them Food That is Easy to Digest

Diet changes are a vital part of caring for your pet after surgery. Most diet changes will be temporary to encourage your pup to resume eating after their surgery. In this case, your vet will likely suggest a diet composed of easily digestible foods, including moist foods like canned pumpkin and mashed bananas, as well as boiled chicken and white rice.

Should your pet require any special or permanent diet changes, your vet will cover all necessary information during your dog’s discharge.

5. Keep Your Dog from Licking Any Wounds

As dog’s wounds begin to heal, they are likely to start feeling rather itchy. If your dog is licking their wounds, it can cause them to get infected. Try using non-staining petroleum jelly to coat the wound or bandage it up using a product that can be easily removed.

You may also need to invest in either a post-surgical cone or donut to help prevent them from reaching the site of the wound in the first place.

Show Your Dog You Care with Extra Love, Snuggles, and Pet CBD

This is a difficult time for both you and your pet, but some simple things can make their recovery much easier. Whether you’re limiting their area to prevent too much movement or treating them with goodies such as the Pet Releaf Calming Chews for Dogs – make sure you are doing whatever you can to keep them calm and relaxed so they can heal quickly.