You may want to think again about buying CBD oil for dogs on Amazon. Although you’ll find plenty of search results that, at first glance, claim to be a CBD product, that’s sadly not the case. The shocking truth is the CBD oil you bought from Amazon contains something else entirely.

With so many companies entering a largely unregulated CBD market, it’s easy to see how dog owners may feel overwhelmed by who to trust. However, knowing what ingredients to look for in a CBD product can help you make more informed decisions for your dog.

Can Amazon Sell CBD for Dogs?

Amazon prohibits all listings of products containing cannabidiol, or CBD. They clearly state this policy on their Seller Central website. Yet, if you search for CBD for dogs, Amazon appears to have quite a selection. How can that be?

Unfortunately, the products you’ll find on Amazon aren’t the best choice for your dog. You may be surprised what’s actually in the products featuring CBD oil for dogs. Sadly, Amazon sellers get around the prohibitive policy by adding questionable ingredients.

What’s really in the CBD oil for dogs sold on Amazon?

The products sold on Amazon contain ingredients from one of three categories:

  • A variety of oils unrelated to CBD
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Untrustworthy CBD or other

Many products on Amazon give you the impression that you’re buying a product containing CBD. Unfortunately, most of the time all you’ve really purchased is a bottle of mystery oils with zero CBD.

Hemp seed oil appears as one of the most common oils used in non-CBD dog products. While the oil has nutritional value, including antioxidants and omega fatty acids, it’s not associated with calming benefits.

In some instances, some products actually containing CBD do find their way onto Amazon’s marketplace. Unscrupulous companies get around Amazon’s restrictions by intentionally mislabeling a product. In this case, there’s no way of knowing the quality or source of the CBD used in the product.

How Do I Choose CBD for My Dog?

When you know the red flags for buying CBD for dogs, you can make a more informed decision. Staying away from products containing inferior ingredients, especially those sold on sites like Amazon, is a great start. However, now that you know what to avoid, how do you choose a high-quality CBD product for your dog?

Buy Organic

To be assured that you’re buying an organic product, look for USDA organic label. Buying organic ensures that your dog isn’t being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

Look for Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD means that the entire hemp plant was used to create the product. Hemp has beneficial compounds throughout the plant that work most effectively together. If the term “full-spectrum” isn’t present on a label, chemical solvents or only part of the plant was used resulting in reduced benefits.

Choose Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf offers organic full-spectrum CBD of the highest quality. Pet Releaf is dedicated to providing products that support your dog’s well-being. That’s why we use only USDA Certified Organic Hemp Oils produced from the entire hemp plant. This full spectrum of cannabinoids produces a high-quality, beneficial product you can trust.