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Where You Can Find Pet Releaf Products

Dec 28, 2017

At Pet Releaf, we’re fiercely loyal to independent retailers. Our products can be found in over 4,000 local, small business retail stores across the United States!

Why Aren’t Pet Releaf Products in PetSmart or Petco? Or Online at Stores like Chewys or Amazon?

From the very beginning we made the decision that our products would only ever be found in independent retailers and never “big box stores” like PetSmart and Petco or major online retailers like Chewy or Amazon.

Small business independent retailers pride themselves on knowing and understanding every single product carried in their stores. Because of this, their local customer base trusts them to carry products that they have done extensive research on and can also firmly stand behind the quality of.

Because the CBD world is so new, and our products are at such a high-quality level, they can only be truthfully explained by independent retailers who have not only taken the time to learn about CBD, but also have taken the time to learn about what makes our products the best choice for their customer’s pets.

We view our relationships with independent retailers as a two-way street where we rely on them to understand the Pet Releaf difference and in return our products will only ever be found in their stores.

Supporting Local Communities

As a small, family-owned business ourselves, we understand the importance of building long-term relationships with partners we can trust. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, by working solely with independent retailers Pet Releaf is dedicated to enhancing and benefiting local communities and their pets.

How Can I Find Out Where My Nearest Retailer Is?

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