In honor of women’s history month and International Women’s Day, we are sharing six women-owned pet businesses that are changing the pet industry and offering top-quality products. Consider supporting these brands during March and beyond this year.

1. Pet Releaf

Co-founded, owned, and operated by mother-daughter duo Alina Smith and Chelsea Gennings, Pet Releaf is dominant in the pet CBD industry. As the original and #1 pet CBD company, Pet Releaf sets the high standard for other full-spectrum, third-party tested CBD brands. Smith and Gennings were inspired to start Pet Releaf after seeing their family dog struggle and being unable to find a natural solution to her discomfort. Today, they have helped more than 5 million pets and counting.

2. &Mutts.Co

Winnie Goh started her dog bandana business by hand-sewing the pet accessories for a few friends and family members. Today, &Mutts.Co sells handcrafted bows, bandanas, and more to pet parents. Founder and owner Goh loves being able to combine her passions of pets and crafting, and has offered high-quality bandanas since 2019.

Photo courtesy: @winniegohs/Instagram

3. Jiminy’s

Jiminy’s is a pet brand that primarily produces insect-based dog food and treats. Founder and CEO Anne Carlson continues to find ways to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and takes pride in being an eco-friendly, sustainable dog brand. The insect-centered diet gives dogs the protein they need to grow and helps to reduce the waste of valuable resources. Carlson says that while she has been offered the chance to get cheaper ingredients, she knew it would go against her brand mission and continues to push for ethical and sustainable ingredient sourcing.

Photo courtesy: Jiminy’s

4. Sassy Woof

Christine Chang is the founder, CEO, and creative director of Sassy Woof. Known for their modern and affordable harnesses, collars, and leashes, Sassy Woof has been selling high-quality dog gear since 2018. Chang is based in Sterling, Virginia and lives with two Dachshunds. Her inspiration for the brand came after she realized there was a lack of fun, colorful, and affordable dog gear on the market.

Photo courtesy: Sassy Woof

5. The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog was founded by Rose Shattuck after she was motivated to create thoughtful pet products locally and sustainably. Shattuck and her team use recycled materials to create their products and support shelter dogs across the country with each purchase. From dog beds to cat toys, the Foggy Dog sells a variety of high-quality products you can feel good about purchasing.

Photo courtesy: The Rose Shattuck/Foggy Dog

6. Trill Paws

Trill Paws, run in LA by founder Rachel Jones, is best known for its ultra-cool (and hilarious) pet ID tags that are based on pop culture. Jones has elevated the basic pet tag to a fun fashion accessory and finds inspiration in her French Bulldog, Kevin. As a millennial, Jones grew up putting enamel pins on her bags and realized she could combine that nostalgic feeling with the pet industry.

Photo courtesy: Rachel Jone/Trill Paws

Supporting Women-owned Pet Businesses

There are hundreds of women-owned pet brands, both big and small, and although they aren’t all listed here, we are honored to serve the pet community alongside all of them. We love supporting companies that share our passion for pet health, natural ingredients, and sustainability.

While women continue to innovate in the pet space, we recognize the impact women have made on history and the pets that have been there alongside them. Check out 8 inspirational women who loved dogs and cats, and consider supporting a woman-owned pet brand before the month ends.