With summertime finally among us, it’s time to get your travel on! Whether you’re looking to take a road trip or fly across the country, preparing a travel plan for you and your pet can be extremely beneficial. If your dog isn’t too keen on traveling, then you may be presented with some challenges along the way. Vacation isn’t supposed to be stressful, so ensure your pet feels comfortable and safe so you can travel without worry.

We’re sharing six travel tips, so you and your dog can have the best summer vacation ever!

Is your vacation pet-friendly?

Research is always the most important step to take when you’re planning a vacation with your pet. From the airplane to a national park, you want to make sure that your pet can join in on the fun. Not all airlines allow pets on the flight, so it’s important to ensure that the airline you choose is pet-friendly. It usually comes with an additional fee as well. Many dogs under 20lbs are allowed to fly in cabin with you as long as they fit in their carrier comfortably underneath your seat. Pets That Travel offers a pet airline guide, so you can see what airlines will allow your pets to travel with you.

Also, be sure to research any hotels, AirBnBs, and campsites to make sure they’re pet-friendly too!

Visit the vet

Before traveling, many airlines require a certificate of health from your veterinarian. This is a great time to make sure that your dog’s vaccines are up to date and if your dog is healthy enough to travel. Plus, your veterinarian may be able to offer any other traveling tips to ensure that your dog has a less stressful airline journey.

Pack the essentials

Just like us humans like to pack all of our road trip snacks, make sure to have your pups covered as well with their fave dog treats!

Here’s a list of essential items that you may want to pack for your dog:

  • Treats
  • Dog Food
  • Supplements — try our Pet Releaf Edibites or Hemp Oils for dogs.
  • Dog Bed
  • Canna Care Topical — in case your dog gets in an itchy situation or their seasonal skin allergies start flaring up.
  • Toys
  • Favorite blanket — a piece of home, so your dog can feel comfortable wherever they are!
  • Leash, collar, and ID tag — make sure their dog ID tag includes current phone number and address.
  • Dog bowls for food and water — check out The Barking Dog Collection Dog Bowls! These would be perfect to use while you’re staying in a hotel room or Airbnb.

Exercise beforehand

Long road trips can often leave our pet companions feeling restless! Try to get some exercise in with your dog before you leave to tire them out enough so they can sleep in the car. Play fetch in the backyard or go on a long walk at the park so you and your pet can get your daily exercise in before the trip.

Administer CBD

As not all pets are the biggest fans of traveling in the car or plane, you may want to consider CBD as a calming supplement for your furry loved ones. Pet Releaf CBD for pets is best administered about an hour or so before a stressful situation like traveling. This way, it has enough time to kick in so your pet can relax. CBD also has a half-life of 9 hours, so if your road trip is longer than that, you may want to consider administering your pet’s CBD again at the 8-hour mark so your dog is covered for a majority of the trip. Hopefully after exercising and taking their CBD, your pet will be able to rest and relax in the car or airplane.

Not bringing your pet?

We know that traveling with your pet isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re planning a really long trip or if your dog is showing signs of aging. No worries, there are always alternative options for your pets! If you have a close friend or family member that your pet is comfortable with, you may want to consider having them watch your dog. It’s also important to guarantee that they have the right amount of space at their house for your dog. If they can watch your dog at your house or apartment, that is even more ideal so your dog can feel comfortable within their own space.

If your friend or family member isn’t available, there are other options! Doggy daycare or boarding facilities are a great alternative, especially if your dog loves playing with other dogs. Many dog boarding services also offer live webcams, so you can check-in on your pet companion while you’re away! Looking to find one in your area? Google is always your best friend, but we actually partner with dog daycare and boarding services that carry Pet Releaf products! Check out our store locator to see if there’s one in your area.

Whether you choose a dog sitter or dog boarding facility, make sure you have all of your dog’s essentials packed with a list of your dog’s personal care routine!

Not sure which CBD product to choose for your travels?

Try out our Product Finder! Our Product Finder provides recommendations based on your pet’s age, weight, and stress levels so you can find the perfect potency for your dog!

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