There’s more than one way to use Canna Care!

Whether your pup suffers from skin irritations, occasional joint stiffness, or restlessness, Pet Releaf’s Canna Care Topical is here to help support all three. Our Canna Care Topical contains plant-based ingredients to help support external nuisances in an all-natural way. If you’re new to CBD topical remedies, and asking yourself, “What’s Canna Care?,” check out our blog post, Everything You Need to Know About Canna Care. As you’ll soon find out, along with applying our Canna Care externally, we always recommend pairing it with one of our CBD Hemp Oils, so your pup is covered from the inside and out!

Skin Irritations

If your dog enjoys the great outdoors, bug bites and seasonal allergies may be common which can often cause breakouts on the skin. We recommend that our topical is applied directly onto the bug bite or rash to help relieve your pup’s constant scratching and to promote healthy skin. Our topical includes useful ingredients like Eucalyptus oil, which can support skin health and help maintain normal moisture content of the skin if your dog experiences dry skin issues.

Joint Stiffness

When your dog experiences occasional stiffness after a long walk or hike, massage our Canna Care Topical on your pup’s joints. If your dog’s joint discomfort is more severe, we’d recommend administering one of our higher potency oils like our Hemp Oil 500 internally and our Canna Care externally for additional support. One of the many impactful ingredients included in our CBD topical is Andiroba oil which can be helpful in reducing inflammation associated with normal daily exercise.


Just like we as humans often massage essential oils on our foreheads to help relieve stress, massage our Canna Care on your pup’s ears to help keep your pet calm and relaxed. Eucalyptus Oil can also not only soothe irritated skin, but the scent may also promote relaxation. This is ideal to rub on before a stressful event like family and friends coming over or if your pup is feeling restless before bed. 

Shop our Canna Care Topical today to keep on hand when your dog experiences any of the above three; available in Canna Care CBD Topical for Dogs – 1oz!

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