3 Ways To Try Pet Releaf’s CBD Hemp Oil Products At The Most Affordable Prices

Dec 18, 2018

Not sure if our Pet Releaf products would work for your dog? Try out some of our trial-size CBD hemp oil products for your pup!

We understand that often times pet parents want to try out a product at a more affordable price point before investing in a more expensive full-sized product. To meet the needs of every pet parent no matter their budget, we offer several smaller quantity options for some of our best selling products!

1. Canna Care 1oz

Our Canna Care Topical is great for dogs who are dealing with skin irritations, such as dry skin, insect bites, and more. The 1oz Canna Care is the perfect size container and can even be taken on the go! Our Canna Care doesn’t have any recommended usage amounts, just apply to the irritated area on the skin as needed throughout the day!

2. CBD Hemp Oil Capsule 10-Pack

Our CBD hemp oil capsules provide a different administration method for those finicky pups who do not take a liking to just taking the oil on its own. The capsules include our standard CBD hemp oil but inside of a vegan capsule! Our original bottle of CBD hemp oil capsules are in a 30 capsule bottle, but we created a 10-pack so your pup can give them a trial run before committing to the larger bottle.

3. Trial-Size Edibites

Haven’t had a chance to try out our CBD-infused Edibites yet? We just came out with trial-size bags of our Edibites so your dog can give them a try at a lower price point! We have them available in our Crunchy Blueberry Cranberry and Peanut Butter Banana flavors as well as our Soft Chew Peanut Butter & Carob Swirl, Sweet Potato Pie, Pizza, and Sushi flavors. At such a great price, you can buy two bags so your pup can see which one they like best.

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