Summer is here, which means it’s time to start filling your weekends and PTO days with much-needed vacation time with your fur friends. Whether you want to travel far or to a dog park five minutes away, we’re sharing some summer planning ideas that can help you figure out how to spend your time this season.


Say goodbye to the work week by going on a road trip to a fun destination—like the beach! Bring your pup along to a dog-friendly beach so you can tan while your pup plays with their doggy friends.

Whether you’re at a lake or ocean beach, it can unfortunately get very hot especially with the sun hitting the sand. Learn some ways you can protect your dog from the summer heat!

Dog Park

Don’t have a beach nearby? Spoil your pup to a day at the dog park to meet up with their best furry friends. It’s nearly impossible to not have a good time when you see your dog smile—plus, you get to look at a bunch of adorable puppies! Hey, you might even make a human friend that you can set up doggy playdates with.


If you and your dog live an active lifestyle, you may want to fill your summer weekends with some hiking trips! Make sure to tailor your hikes to you and your dog’s activity level. Looking to learn how to plan the best hike for you and your pup? Check out our 6 hiking tips!

If your dog experiences occasional joint stiffness and discomfort after a long hike, try administering our Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs to support healthy hips and joints.


Looking for another way to get out in nature this summer? Book a campsite for you and your dog! Nothing better than snuggling up with your pup under the stars. Check out for your dog’s camping essentials. They offer everything from dog sleeping bags to collapsible dog bowls!

Backyard Barbecue

Throw a party with your closest friends (and their pups)! Does your dog have a birthday coming up? Whatever the occasion, there’s always something to celebrate. Did you know our trial-size Edibites are the perfect size to fit in a birthday goody bag? Spoil your pup and their friends with our CBD-infused Edibites, so they can have a chill summer and support their everyday wellness.

Pool Party

If you have a pool and your dog loves to swim, get some laps in with your pup! No pool? Try setting up a sprinkler in your backyard for you and your dog to play in. This can be the perfect way for you both to keep cool when the sun rays are too strong.

Water Sports

Love kayaking, paddle boarding, or canoeing? Bring your pup along! It’s important to ensure you and your pup both have your lifejackets on for safety. If you’re looking to learn how to prepare your dog for your next kayak ride, offers expert tips on how to kayak with your dog.

Dining Out

Many breweries and restaurants have dog-friendly patios! Next time you have dinner plans with your friends or family, try to find a dog-friendly location so you can bring your dog with you while you dine outside. You never know, the waitstaff just might spoil your pup with a dog treat.

Dog Treats

Put together some fun dog treats to keep your dog happy and cool this summer. Create a Power Cup for your pup AKA a Frozen Yogurt CBD Cup with our Edibites and The Bear & The Rat’s Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats.  Power Cups are the perfect way to keep your dog cool, calm, and collected this summer, so make sure to stock up on both!


Pack up your picnic basket with your dog and head over to your nearest park. While you snack on a charcuterie board, make sure to prepare a bark-uterie board for your dog! Did you know that there are dog-friendly vegetables? Prepare a board with carrots, a few of their favorite dog treats, and more!

Road Trip

Pack up your car, it’s time for a vacation! Whether you’re going to visit family one state over or traveling across the country, it’s important to be prepared. We’ve compiled a list of road trip essentials that you may need to bring along for your pup.

Indoor Fun

If the heat is a little overpowering, there’s no shame in staying indoors. Time to blast the air conditioning and bring out your dog’s favorite toy. Looking for ideas on how to bond with your pup? Check out our doggy date night ideas!

With these ideas, we hope you and your dog never run out of summer activities! Make sure to keep us updated on your summer fun by tagging @petreleaf and #petreleaf on Instagram and Facebook!